3 CCCP Civil defense

CCCP Civil defense

    Well, this bunker is really something extra. It is like it is been abandoned with almost all equipment after the collaps of the CCCP.....  Civildefense is a bit smother compared to the military but it is harder to
run it. soldiers are trained to do what they are told... Feeling in the bunker is like someone is on the way to start it up again............    
1 Former Soviet air defense base

Former Soviet air defense base

This is a former soviet military air defense base that has a fantastic wall around it. It must have been a very important place during
the cold war. Nowadays there is other activity behind those fantastic walls that is surrounding the base ...... enjoy
0 Abandoned USSR Command Post of Civil Defense

Abandoned USSR Command Post of Civil Defense

In this former Soviet major town of the Region there is a secret civil defense bunker. Today it is totally out of the system but once it was a great command
center ,in case of war, in this town. There is a lot of equipment left to explore... Who knows, one day it will maybe be in service again?

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