6 The Pacific “Berkut” Oil Rig is the Biggest One

The Pacific “Berkut” Oil Rig is the Biggest One

The platform "Berkut", the installation of which will be completed in the next few days, is 25 kilometers from the northern part of Sakhalin Island, offshore in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, on
the Russian Pacific coast. According to experts, after reaching full capacity, the platform will be the largest in the world by the volume of hydrocarbons produced per year.
4 Russian Closed City Znamensk

Russian Closed City Znamensk

According to statistics, every 115th person in Russia is living in a closed city. A person needs to have a special pass to get into such a city. Now, the country has 44 such cities, and their combined population is over 1.2 million people. Russian blogger and businessman Sergey has visited one of them and this is what he shares with us: Two weeks before the expedition, we passed our passports for approval to visit Znamensk. 20 000 people live there and work at the
military range, Kapustin Yar. The city is surrounded by several rings of checkpoints. Previously, closed cities were classified and all residents had to sign a statement not to disclose their place of residence. In case of travel, such a person was supposed to respond to questions with the typical stories: for example, if a person lived in Znamensk, he supposed to say that he is from the nearby towns - Ahtubinsk or Volgograd.
4 Disappeared Animals inhabited the Russian territiory

Disappeared Animals inhabited the Russian territiory

As the largest country in the world, Russia is inhabited by a significant proportion of the animals which live on the planet. There are more than 1550 species of vertebrate animals. However, the diversity of species of wildlife has significantly reduced, primarily due to humans.  Many of the species have disappeared over the past two centuries. A lot of representatives of the Russian fauna can only be seen today in the  pictures of encyclopedias. A large-horn deer inhabited the vast territory stretching from Ireland to North Africa. In Russia, the skeletons of this mammal are often
found in the Ryazan and Sverdlovsk regions, in the Republic of Crimea and the North Caucasus. Scientists suggest that the large-horn deer completely disappeared about 7.6 thousand years ago. This deer lived in open spaces because of the huge horns, which can reach a weight of 37 kilograms, and have a length of up to 4 meters. In the forest, such bulky horns could interfere with its ability to hide from enemies. Now scientists believe that the disappearance of this species of deer was a natural process due to climate change.  
8 Mysterious Stone Balls

Mysterious Stone Balls

The Champ island is very popular among tourists who sail on a cruise to the Arctic. And no wonder, it has strange
objects, the origin of which is still not clear, and this puzzle is not expected to be solved in the near future.
Маглев 01
6 Soviet Magnetic Levitation Train

Soviet Magnetic Levitation Train

Wagon TA-05 - the first Soviet car on an electromagnetic levitation system, built in the period of 1985 to 1986. The first successful launch was conducted on February 25, 1986. "Our laboratory is working on a project of creating a passenger wagon that will move without touching the rails. It will move horizontally using the principle of a linear, three-phase,
asynchronous motor. Moving with a cruising speed of up to 250 kilometers per hour, the vehicle will be virtually silent. The track can be raised on a platform over the main thoroughfares of the city. One kilometer will cost 3 to 5 times less than the subway," the Head of the Laboratory VNIIPItransprogress, A. Chemodurov, said in an interview.
13 How to become a Cossack

How to become a Cossack

The largest Russian rebels - Razin, Bolotnicov, Pugachev - were the Don Cossacks. Also other  people were among them, such as Ermak, Platov, Sholokhov. They brought glory to Russia of a different nature.
Everything that Cossacks created, from literary works to bandit raids - all is bright, specifically, relish. How does an orphans become cossacks in special school, where they live and study?  

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