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3 Top 7 places not to miss in Saint Petersburg

Top 7 places not to miss in Saint Petersburg

Nicknamed “Venice of the North”, Russia’s St. Petersburg is a living definition of beauty, outstanding architecture, and rich cultural life. It was founded by Tsar Peter the Great a little over 300 years ago and offers travelers
endless opportunities for discovering its elaborate palaces, incredible bridges, canals, cathedrals, and, of course, culture. Here are the places we recommend seeing and visiting for an unforgettable tour to St. Petersburg.
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1 From St. Petersburg to Helsinki on Train

From St. Petersburg to Helsinki on Train

There are many ways to travel from Finland to Russia, yet the most popular option among travelers is undoubtedly on a high-speed Allegro
train. We decided to find out what’s the deal and got a closer sneak peak of the Helsinki to St. Petersburg rail journey.
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0 A touch of history during Volga River cruises

A touch of history during Volga River cruises

Seeing the top landmarks of the two must-visit cities in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, is surely something to remember, but why not give your journey a twist and explore the real Russia that’s off the beaten track? As experts in the region, we’re more than positive that there’s more to Russia than
just its two capitals. And if you wish to see genuine Russia, going on Volga River cruises is the best option for immersing yourself in history and the soothing serenity of the charming riverside towns and villages. Here are some of the gems you can see and tour during such cruises.
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3 Winter Moscow and St. Petersburg

Winter Moscow and St. Petersburg

Those going on a trip to Russia in the winter will surely not be disappointed. Despite the chilly winter image of the country, there is much to see and do in both its capitals: visiting museums, tasting local delicacies, joining
fun winter activities or taking a ride on a train between the cities to delight in nature’s beauty. Here are some recommendations on how to spend your time while in Russia to make your trip a memorable one.
1 Trans-Siberian Railway as Viewed by Travelers

Trans-Siberian Railway as Viewed by Travelers

Setting off on a rail adventure on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, the world’s longest railroad, can by right be called a journey of a lifetime. The Moscow - Ulan Bator route is among the most popular Trans-Siberian train tours and the experience is full of surprises! The setting changes every day as the train makes its way from the capital of Russia, Moscow, to the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator. The train passes a total of
15+ cities and covers the distance of 6266 kilometers (3894 miles), crossing Russia from west to southeast. To get an insight of the cities on the route, travelers choose not to spend all the time solely on board trains and thus stay for 1-2 days touring the chosen destinations, accompanied by professional local guides. Here’s what the Trans-Siberian Railway is all about from the eyes of travelers!

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