1 Meanwhile in Ukraine

Meanwhile in Ukraine

Supporters of the new political regime in Ukraine gathered in the center of Lugansk,
Ukraine, but they did not expect supporters of accession to Russia to come so soon...
3 Sausage Delivery, Moldavian Way

Sausage Delivery, Moldavian Way

Delivery of sausages in Moldavia does not differ much from the delivery of construction
materials. The question is whether they are going to eat them or dispose of them after all..

43 25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea

25+ Things Russia Gets with Incorporating of Crimea

Many people suppose that Russia will economically gain from incorporating Ukrainian Crimea only because it will get a naval base in Sevastopol and save 100 million dollars a year on the lease of this base, but
it's wrong to think so. Tourism brings Crimea only 40% of all its income, the remaining 60% is from industry and infrastructure. Right now we are going to show you what they are represented by.
16 Chernobyl 2: Beyond the Horizon

Chernobyl 2: Beyond the Horizon

"Chernobyl-2" is one of the most unique and secret places of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. In the Soviet times it was not even shown on maps, civilians were forbidden to come closer than several
kilometers to this object. Only after the collapse of the USSR and the Chernobyl catastrophe some information about the small military unit involved in "space espionage" finally surfaced.

10 City Under Smog Cover

City Under Smog Cover

This photo is not photoshopped, it's real. Almaty city in Kazakhstan has been under
cover of heavy smog these past few days. Poor people, it does not look safe at all.
7 Man Becomes the Leader of the Wolf Pack

Man Becomes the Leader of the Wolf Pack

Dmitry is a biologist who lives in an underpopulated remote part of Belarus. He is often visited by foreigners, film directors, and those who are interested in wild nature. He started to keep wolves eight years ago, soon after he had moved there to the land of lakes, marshes and
forests. These animals were dangerous for locals then and were repeatedly shot. Dmitry came to develop ecotourism but soon realized that people cared more about hunting than nature conservation there and he asked to take three wolf-cubs under his control.
14 Icons Are Crying In Both Russia And Ukraine

Icons Are Crying In Both Russia And Ukraine

It is amazing, but lots of icons have started to cry oil in Russian and Ukrainian churches and monasteries. A crying icon has always been considered a formidable sign calling people for
repentance. Last time such phenomena happened in both Russia and Ukraine was before the October revolution and before the collapse of the USSR. What could this be if not God's warning?
7 Museum Inside the Russian Submarine

Museum Inside the Russian Submarine

Vitegra is a small Russian city near Onega Lake that connects river systems of the north-western and central parts of Russia. There is an
interesting museum inside submarine B-440 in Vitegra. It was opened in 2005 on the city embankment. We are just about to drop by.
17 Invincible Soviet Army

Invincible Soviet Army

Pictures of the Soviet army that represented an invincible power and aroused fear
in its enemies. Smart, strong, smiling guys who undoubtedly deserved respect.
2 The Island of Old Russian Churches

The Island of Old Russian Churches

Kizhi island in Karelia, Russia, is an interesting place from the point of view of old Russian architecture. Some of its churchyards date from
the early 1700s. They are still well preserved and regularly restored. Locals may even boast of unique churches with twenty domes!

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