6 Belyanas: Forgotten River Giants

Belyanas: Forgotten River Giants

Today few people know what the word "Belyana" means, but just a hundred years ago giant ships called "Belyanas" were sailing along the Volga and Vetluga rivers and probably
were the most unique river craft in the world. Even today they would seem huge. Some of them were up to 120 m long, and they could reach six meters in height.

10 Exclusive: Birth of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Exclusive: Birth of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia. It is brought from the country as a souvenir usually bought only by foreigners. Blogger Yaroslav
visited a place in a little town called Semenov where these wooden dolls are made and he took some curious photos that are presented inside this post.

5 Ancient Churches of Armenia

Ancient Churches of Armenia

Armenia was the first country to officially convert to Christianity, it happened in the IV century and can still be traced through the ancient architecture preserved until our times. Practically every small Armenian village or town has its own church that
could often be dated to the IV-VIII centuries. By the way, it's hard to confuse an Armenian church with any other's, even with a Georgian one, not to mention Russian or Byzantine churches. Its most distinctive feature is a cone-shaped dome.

1 Industrial Splendour: Fifth Power Unit of the Chernobyl NPP

Industrial Splendour: Fifth Power Unit of the Chernobyl NPP

This must be the most ambiguous place in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. On the one hand it's a breathtaking industrial beauty, on the other hand it's a symbol of the time that stopped forever. Finally, it's
more evidence of the biggest industrial disaster, portrayal of disappointed hopes and wreckage of brilliant ideas. All these aspects are reflected by this unfinished fifth power unit of the Chernobyl power plant.
mushrooms in belarus 7
4 Former Missile Base To Grow Mushrooms

Former Missile Base To Grow Mushrooms

Once these hangars were used to accomodate a Soviet missile base, today they serve for growing mushrooms. This farm became the largest in Belorussia, it supplies ten tons of
mushrooms monthly to trading networks of the republic and neighboring countries. Right now you are welcome inside the post to see how mushrooms grow in specially created conditions.

7 Womens Labor In Todays Russia

Womens Labor In Todays Russia

These pictures are not from the Soviet past or an earlier period of Russian history. They have been taken in the XXI century, in the present days of social networks and selfie craziness. Well, this
is the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. Some steamshop and its workers. Their task sounds simple: they need to warm the workshops and other premises on the territory of the steamshop.

20 Soviet Union: Ten Years Before Its Collapse

Soviet Union: Ten Years Before Its Collapse

Some Russians still feel nostalgic about that time, others would never wish to turn back time and
find themselves in the 80s again. Good or bad, this is the USSR ten years before its collapse.

11 How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

How to buy a tank: A BRDM-2 Story

A story from the Russian blogger who names himself "ntv": "I had to write this blog entry, since many still cannot believe I managed
to purchase a BRDM-2 (Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle). Yes, I really did buy it, and brought it to Russia myself".

1 Some Lone Mill

Some Lone Mill

Borisovka is a little village in Russia that has an interesting wooden mill
built back in the XIX century. But people are rarely guests here today...

3 Largest Siberian Air Base

Largest Siberian Air Base

This air base is the largest in Siberia, Russia. Here they have
interceptors MiG-31BM and they previously had Su-15TM, MiG-15, MiG-17.

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