1 Video: Helicopter Lands On the Road

Video: Helicopter Lands On the Road

We have
already seen
unexpected tank on the road but this time it's gonna be a helicopter! It was flying low over the road and finally landed making the drivers surprised they left their cars and started shooting the vehicle with their cams. Read more...
2 Video: Weird Pedestrian Gives Way to the Car

Video: Weird Pedestrian Gives Way to the Car

Such a ninja or a gymnast was caught by the cam of the author. He gave
way to the driver in a very unusual way demostrating his skills.
4 Being A Guest In the Georgian House

Being A Guest In the Georgian House

Georgia is a hospitable country. And the best way to know the country is to be a guest in one of its houses. To see how people live from
inside. So today we invite you to one Gerogian house where we'll see how grapes are gathered to become wine, chacha or churchkhela.
12 Craziness, Part XV

Craziness, Part XV

In the selection of craziness today: army and church strange joint rituals, bad parents, weird cars, policemen
in love, crazy people in subway and funny animals: everything to put a smile on your face this Friday.

4 Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

Russian Willie Wonkas At Work

This is one of the sweetest factories in Russia. It was built in 1970 under the project of an Italian company "Carle and Montanari". In 1995 the factory started its
cooperation with "Nestle" company. Today it makes a big variety of chocolate sweets. All Nestle products produced in Russia are made here, at this factory of Samara.
3 Video: Really Lucky Pedestrians

Video: Really Lucky Pedestrians

It's scary to think what could happen to this woman with her two children. Luckily she could react properly
and avoid a tragedy. Sometimes everything depends on a split second which can literally save your life.
7 Reviving the Old Escalator

Reviving the Old Escalator

The whole subway station "Polytechnic Institute" in Kiev was reported to be closed soon only due to the malfunction of the
escalator. It does not seem too reasonable, right? But why is repair of an escalator so difficult to do? Let us check this out.
0 Video: Car Avoids Two Crashes: One After Another

Video: Car Avoids Two Crashes: One After Another

We don't even know how to call this: "luck" or terrible "misfortune". The car was almost in the center of an
accident. Twice. Hardly had they been pulled out from the ditch when another trouble was on the way...
8 Car of the True Believer

Car of the True Believer

Driving a car is always risky. Even if you are a good driver yourself. So icons and little crosses are
something very usual to be seen in cars. But if God is still deaf to you, you can do something like this...

1 Summer Countryside From Above

Summer Countryside From Above

We miss summer days so much! So today we want to show you some photos of summer countyrside near a Russian city
Samara. Forests and riverbeds, farms and gardens, lakes and little houses are going to be observed from above.

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