6 Travel Notes, Azerbaijan

Travel Notes, Azerbaijan

We are in Baku, the city of contrasts. The city today is a huge construction site where they build skyscrapers and 
interchanges, as well as reconstruct old Soviet five-storeyed buildings. Baku has combined nice architecture and good food.
9 Travelling Throughout Altai

Travelling Throughout Altai

That's the only road leading to Ingen Village, the Altai Republic. Its population is about
15,000 people. This area has a bad reputation among tourists for its high crime rate.
4 The USSR In Photos

The USSR In Photos

Some interesting pictures of the
USSR to remember how it was.
4 Museum Of Water In Saint Petersburg. History Of Water Supply

Museum Of Water In Saint Petersburg. History Of Water Supply

'Vodokanal' (Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant) of Saint Petersburg has its own Museum of Water which
features several exhibitions. We are going to the one telling about the history of the water supply.
6 Get Rid Of Old Junk!

Get Rid Of Old Junk!

One of the distribution networks in Russia that sell different household appliances and electronics, offered to accept their customer's old equipment that they didn't need
anymore. It was a wise marketing step to help its customers get rid of the old junk. So, this is a photo set of how they utilize and recycle it.  
24 Photos of Retro Leningrad Taken By Foreign Travellers

Photos of Retro Leningrad Taken By Foreign Travellers

These are photos of Leningrad taken from photo albums of foreign tourists who visited the city from the late 70s
up to 1991. Some of them you might see on our website, here they are randomly collected in one post.
121 Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

It is warm, the sky is blue, soft rumbling is heard from the most powerful turboprop engines in the world... We are at the airbase in Engel's. These are photos that you could never have hoped to see before. During the Soviet era, this was top, top, top secret
stuff. But not anymore thanks to brave Russian bloggers who took their cameras with them when they visited this place. Are you ready to see the largest supersonic, variable wing geometry plane up close and uncensored? Let's take a look!
14 Travelling In The Urals

Travelling In The Urals

Enjoy some photos taken during a
seven-day tour in the Urals!
6 Travelling to Lake Baskunchak And Mount Bogdo

Travelling to Lake Baskunchak And Mount Bogdo

Lake Baskunchak is a salt lake which healing effect excels that of the Dead Sea and Mount Bogdo, which we have
already mentioned  in one of our previous articles. These are the places of unbelievable beauty!
Russians travel abroad
19 Russian Travel Stories 2

Russian Travel Stories 2

Three more travel stories of Russian people being popular lately on Russian Internet. First one is about the Russian tourists in Florida where they read in local travel about the law that prohibits sexual relations with a porcupine. That seemed so funny to them, that after some drinks they decided to get a live porcupine and
prove that they can break such stupid law. Their travel mates weren't sure they would manage get one, and were very surprised when guys brought a creature from somewhere and then... well then they did it. Then later that night they had flight to California, and next morning they found out that...