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Cake Art

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cake art 1

All you see below are cakes that can be eaten without any part of it left. No plastics or any other artificial stuff is being used – everything is eatable. All this cakes by Zhanna from St. Petersburg.

cake art 2

cake art 3

cake art 4

cake art 5

cake art 6

cake art 7

cake art 8

cake art 9

cake art 10

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cake art 12

cake art 13

cake art 14

cake art 15

cake art 16

cake art 17

cake art 18

cake art 19

cake art 20

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cake art 22

cake art 23

cake art 24

cake art 25

cake art 26

cake art 27

cake art 28

cake art 29

cake art 30

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cake art 32

cake art 33

cake art 34

cake art 35

cake art 36

cake art 37

cake art 38

cake art 39

cake art 40

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cake art 42

cake art 43

cake art 44

cake art 45

cake art 46

cake art 47

cake art 48

cake art 49

cake art 50

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cake art 52

cake art 53

cake art 54

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225 responses to “Cake Art”

  1. Texas1 says:


  2. gerrybytes says:

    They all can’t be real cakes. They are brill!

  3. dave says:

    the marzipan architects 🙂

  4. DD says:

    Wow thats pretty amazing. I wonder if they taste any good…im guessing it smostly sugar…

  5. Pros says:

    State of the art

  6. gregor says:

    I wouldnt dare to eat such masterpieces

  7. Kaiser says:

    Awesome! I bet some of them taste worse than they look out. And yes I would never eat a reebok shoe even as a cake.

  8. Nepss says:

    that is some sweet looking cakes!

  9. Pol says:

    Wow! how do I get one?

  10. gorby says:

    i think after a fashion, you surpass the realm of cakes and venture into the territory of vaguely edible sculptures. theres no way most of that are actually made of cake or at least most of it isnt.

  11. TroubleMaker says:

    Rusians must really admire and respect the United States! That is very nice. I don’t think I have ever seen cakes with American themes like Pizza Hut, Pepsi, McDonald’s, and studly looking guys on US monetary instruments. USA is STRONG!

    • Acts_of_Atrocity says:


    • Vania says:

      US are strong but Russia has a huge potential hidden in its people. In contrast to USA and Europe with sterilized wannabe or brutal idontcare ignorant mindsets.
      What does it mean? This means that Russia is far more unpredictatble than US so I want you to tell same things in 10 years.

    • David says:

      vyliz si prdel ty americky hloupy a vrcholne dementni prasatko

  12. Andreas says:

    Its more likely that the brands themselves have ordered these cakes.

  13. Rarg says:

    Does anyone else see anything odd about a very sugary looking cake depicting a set of nice healthy teeth?

    My word verification was KGB…

  14. Doug says:

    Now this takes the cake!

    Okay, I had to say that. No one else did after 30 + posts.

    P.S. for those of you who speak English as a second language, that is a coloquial expression.

  15. Zoya K. says:

    I can’t imagine who would pay for something so pointless. I’m sure they don’t taste good at all. And who would want a cake shaped like Pepsi cans or a Pizza Hut? Very strange…

  16. AmericaPhobe says:

    Boris Abramov(ich) You shoul read text on this picture, depicted on the lower rihgt corner 😉


  17. Uwe says:

    People,who do not speak Russian,will not know what you are talking about.
    Or is it better to keep it as a secret what is written there?

  18. David Holeman says:

    As a representative of the United States of America and a concerned citizen of the planet Earth, I must categorically state that such sweets (pastry-like treats) can only represent what has become a society more decadent than our own. When forsted teeth stand for dental erudition and a tree laden ‘gateau’ stands for ‘home, how can we take life seriously or, better yet, have our cake and eat it too.

    Lazbanya Makaronje – Don’t Even Think About Pies

  19. SAGuy says:

    This post was stolen by another blog and entered onto digg.com. We should all make comments on the story to note this.


  20. maia says:

    Icing, fondant, and a printer that works with rice-paper and vegetable ink. Add a little patience, and some practice.


    They are all very clever, and I admire the skill and time involved.

    But knowing how it’s done takes a little of the novelty off.

    • cindy says:

      and so, like the big kids on Christmas Eve, you decided to spoil the fun for the innocents by pointing out that there isn’t a Santa Claus. How sweet of you.

  21. Tatiana Sizonenko says:

    Nice reflections on what Russian life became about! All essential elements of the Russian universe from re-mapping SPb to Russified American icons. Excellent social commentary!

  22. xarolinaila says:

    kachai lu bakan pus loco q son
    stas tortas
    wueno na mas q decire
    jajaja mas xula
    pa q lus gringos sepan nuestras frases

  23. shahrokh says:

    hi my ferand

  24. Ivan Minic says:

    Coolest cakes I’ve seen!

  25. 工控网 says:

    Nice reflections on what Russian life became about! All essential elements of the Russian universe from re-mapping SPb to Russified American icons. Excellent social commentary!

  26. renu says:

    bokh lag rahi hai ummmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  27. justin says:

    HAHAHA my Anti-spam word was “stalin”

    mmm… cake…

  28. mohammad says:


  29. Aboozar says:

    I was really impressed to see these nice cakes. I wish I could make something like this. I really admire the power of creativity of the makers of them. Best wishes to you

  30. Terkel says:

    I’ve seen amazing cakes on the net before – but THESE?
    How can ANYONE actually bare to eat these?
    This is ART!
    I wonder, how many hours goes into the “steel bridge”, for example… (#47) – or “the kitchen” (#39).
    Fantastic… I’m stunned.
    I’ll have to look at them all again!

  31. cag says:

    Absolutely unbelievable gorgeous! I have never seen anything like these before. Thank you for sharing this. I am blown over by the skills of this person/people, very talented indeed.
    I will be looking at them again and again, and will be telling others about this site.

  32. Vera Carlsen says:

    Wish I could read Russian, these cakes are so fasinating! Vera
    (Yes, I am of Russian descent and in my youth I did read/write Russian, but have lost 99% of what I use to know)

  33. Vera Carlsen says:

    I wish I could still be able to read Russian and be able to decipher the writtings on the cakes….In my youthful days (am 75 now) I did read/write in Russian, now am unable to do so. Vera

  34. georgeboy says:

    I no longer feel a bitter guy . Thanks a lot for helping me!

  35. Steven Wolf says:

    They look soo good that i wouldn,t want to eat one 😐

  36. Helene Lawton says:

    Very Impressive! Such attention to detail.

  37. Dot Hall says:

    The time, talent, and patience it takes to do these beautiful works of cake art is so appreciated by those of us who Dabble in the art just for the love of it!
    I was so glad to read how the maps and the tiny writing were achieved! I couldn’t imagine how in the world that was accomplished so perfectly!
    On a scale of 1 to 10…you rate a million!

  38. Helen says:

    the cakes are incredible but did you realy create them and how long did each take, and by the way can you send me any one of your choice am a nigerin

  39. Sevilay says:


  40. naziha says:

    nyum..nyum…’looks’ tasty…

  41. farzaneh from iran says:

    good luck. this site is very beautiful.

  42. Douglas says:

    Nice cakes, u russians do nice work

    with love from Sweden ;D

  43. Nina from Denmark says:

    I am totally amazed. Lots of fantastic cakes, og should I say art? You’re a master of cakes indeed.
    Lots of sweet cake greetings from a cake novice in Denmark

  44. dym says:

    Capitalist Cakes …..wow i bet they cost a fortune to make 🙂
    is RED colouring not bad for you ?

  45. uyi says:

    these are really mavarlous cakes. I do design cakes too but never in my widest imagination did i ever think up somethin like this. I must say it is very impressive can the art designers be reached? please let me know.

  46. momerto says:


  47. momerto says:

    Tanks a lot

  48. jane says:

    I do cakes too, but never even dreamt of such creative cakes. Your work is wonderful. I would like to see some more of your work. I bet you cant cease to amaze me. I have no words to describe how much I admire the work and creativity…………..and the patience.

  49. foluso says:

    I think these cakes are masterpieces,we should appreciate uniqueness and talent when we see one.I believe we all should be tinkin of how to live as one no matter wat tribe,region or country we come from.I read thru all d comments and i saw just how much hatred we have for oneanother around the world.So whether Russian,American,Swedish,African or wherever on planet earth,lets show love,that’s wat life is about.
    With love from a Nigerian.

  50. uyi says:

    Thank you my dear fellow Nigerian how nice the world will be with peace. It is amazing how cake matter has caused so much controversy. I also read through all the comments and was very displeased at so many of them. Any way let us continue to play our part by sending out the peace message.

  51. Louise Lund says:

    I, too, have dabbled in the attempt at cake decorating – and let me tell you, the artistry in these cakes blew me away! They are gorgeous. Too bad they are edible – they should be in a museum to be studied as works of art. I’ll never know how they did some of those beauties.

  52. Prudy says:

    Your cakes are fantastic! My husband is from Bulgaria and your cakes remind me of being there! Keep up your wonderful work!

  53. Your cakes are just great! I am from Mexico City and I am a Cake Decorating Teacher. I would like to learn from you. Unfortunately you are very far away.
    I developed a gelatin decorating technique. They are desserts, but I make fowers encased in a clear jelly. I would like you to see my work. My website is http://www.gelartfloral.com

  54. juneg says:

    all cakes are very2 good and very artestics congratulations russians decorators im prour to be a viiwers in your cake decors and i have a good idea how to improve my decoratios thanks and good luck to all particepants…..

  55. Martha says:

    INCREIBLE!!!!, muchas feliciades por tan HERMOSOS TRABAJOS!!!!, Que Dios bendiga sus manos!!!

  56. steve says:

    Very interested articles. Greetings!!!

  57. Alehandra says:

    OMG this work are wonderful! I am fifteen years ols and I think I want to learn how to make cakes..of course i’ll never be like u guys! congratulation! and I agree with all the others peace in the world! 😀

  58. Tracii says:

    Cake maker extarodinaire!!!!!!
    You rival Mike’s Amazing Cakes! ……sorry Mike.
    Love to see more!!!!!!

  59. Svitlana says:

    Budite lyubesnyi, otvetite mne po etomy e-mail:[email protected] Ya zhivu v USA. Ya jochu poluchiti informaziyu esli viy prepodaete vashi cursi dekoraziy tortov. Kogda ya budu na kanikulaj v Rossiy, ya svyazhusi s vami. Esli vi prepodaete, skolko styat vashi kursiy.

    Hi, Zhanna
    I was really very impressed to see your nice cakes. I wish I could make something like this. I really admire the power of your creativity. Really, it’s our Russian spirit. Your cakes absolutely are unbelievable gorgeous! I graduated from different Interanational Cake Decoration Courses but I have never seen anything like these before. I’m totally amazed. Your cakes are masterpieces, we should appreciate your Art. Our Russian people will let to talk a lot.Thank you for sharing your Art. I will be looking at them again and again, and will be telling others about your site. I would to contact you when I will travel home on vacation. Please answer me and provide me an information how can I contact you.


  60. rednoserunpet says:

    wow this is so amazing great…

  61. BakerBec says:

    As a former student of the pastry arts all of these I can tell you took time and alot of effort as cake is a tricky medium. All I can say is A-mazing 🙂 Great work, hope to see more from you!

  62. Thea says:

    These cakes are products of very patient and talented people. They rival Duff Goldman and his artists at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, MD. I watch their show on The Food Network and enjoy seeing these kinds of creations come to be. Yes, the majority are created from edible cake, the rest is fondant, ganache, and buttercream frosting with some extra pieces as needed. (I believe the bridge here has plastic pieces, but come on, be realistic, though I’m sure if challenged, some form of melted chocolate might be usuable!)I’ve never had one of Charm City cakes as I live in Chicago but these just put regular cakes to shame.

  63. Bobirley Adams says:

    Brilliant!!! What an Artist!!! Wish you were in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, instead of so far away and I’d have you make one of your special cakes! Wish there was a way to have more people know about your talent!

  64. dani says:

    Fabulous!! what talent. how do we find you?

  65. Oyun İndir says:

    good luck. this site is very beautiful.

  66. net gazetesi says:

    good luck. this site is very beautiful.

  67. oyunlar says:

    hi,I am from turkey. The article Looks good. Thanks

  68. Hwan says:

    Wa-hey, those look amazing
    Good job,

    Greets from Holland

  69. Opony says:

    Wow thats pretty amazing. I wonder if they taste any good. im guessing it smostly sugar.

  70. looks good, taste good, good pictures!!

  71. wino says:

    It’s look pretty good 🙂 I love it. Can I use 2 fotos to put it into my page ??

  72. Bag Girl says:

    These are absoultely fascinating! It’s amazing the amount of time that was put into crafting these cakes!
    There are some people who are very creative with fondant and airbrushing.

  73. arturo says:

    I an liked cakes am true artists much mother mia tendriais that to go to your if that bonds because teneis much talent a greeting

  74. arturo says:

    I an liked cakes am true artists much mother mia tendriais that to go to your if that bonds because teneis much talent a greeting :):):):)

  75. Kazune says:

    oh..my…god…..they r absolutely amazing……artistic, unique..and beautiful

  76. oyun says:

    oh..mygod..they r absolutely amazingartistic, unique..and beautiful

  77. I an liked cakes am true artists much mother mia tendriais that to go to your if that bonds because teneis much talent a greeting :):):):)

  78. ..mygod..they r absolutely amazingartistic, unique..and beautiful

  79. THOMAS says:

    de verda estoy imprecinado

  80. very very nice i like and i want them:)ç

  81. julia says:

    I have to tell you one and only truth, the cake you see is real and it will taste very good. I live in UK and to be honest I have never ate anything worse then english birthday cake. It is made of plain sugar and although it could look really pretty. I admire Russian cakes, because the made with love and not only from sugar!

  82. Antonella says:

    These cakes are phenomenal! I have been making cakes for over 14 years and I now have something to aspire to. Congratulations to the cake artist as you have been a tru inspiration! Keep going and post more photoes when you have a chance.

  83. waleed says:

    really i can not believe my eyes , it is very beautiful cakes .
    please , can any one tell me steps to do these cakes ?
    thanks a lot for your help
    email:[email protected]

  84. Transformer says:

    This is amazing! These cakes are works of art. I’m an aspiring cake artist… these cakes are truly incredible! Nice work.

  85. projekt says:

    Thanks for very interesting article. btw. I really enjoyed reading this articler

  86. kelly says:

    Wow! Stunning! 10Q for sharing…am digging and stumbling ya!

  87. hekim group says:

    this is a nice project. its good pages. nice cookie.

  88. prefabrik says:

    its very good projects. this is prefabrik good pages.

  89. masterza says:

    Cake fantastic! I want this.

  90. i-hobo says:

    How much smarter as a delicacy?

  91. gloria says:

    i like to know how those lovely cakes were made though i know how to ice i realy need to learn more i have no word to decribe the cake its a wonderful piece of art

  92. Milu-milu says:

    Would it be possible to know who is the Patissier?.

  93. anahid says:

    they are wonderful .thanks for your efforts.

  94. Hubert says:

    Ich kann sagen :bin ein handwerker aber das übertrift die perfektion

  95. victoria says:

    i want the hamburger!

  96. Brett says:

    These cakes are fabulous! I would hire this person sigh unseen if I were a prestegious bakery! Marvelous work!!!!!!!!!

  97. Mister S. da whoop ! says:

    in soviet russia , the cake isn’t a lie !!!

  98. emma says:

    I believe that they are all used gum paste, fondant and almond paste, molded free and you must be an artistic in art. I do make cakes and design but not elaborate deco like you. If I have the change to learn from you, I would… Good work, I’m impressed…

  99. Toner Dolumu says:

    Great cake designs.

  100. Wow great design. thanks man

  101. Man this cake is awesome.I think about this idea for my wedding.

  102. Gaftus says:


  103. JohnWV says:


  104. It look like a great cake. Yamee!!!

  105. These cakes are absolutely amazing! Even though I watch cake making shows on TV all the time, it still amazes me when I see the finished product. Favorite by far is the replica of the kitchen. Awesome detail!

  106. Andy says:

    your cakes are the best in the world

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  110. tiruriru says:

    Great pictures from great artist.
    And here is how we do in Serbia,Belgrade.
    pozdrav svima


  111. gertert says:


  112. huzurevi says:

    yaşlılarınızı güvenle emanet edebilirsiniz

  113. kbb says:

    kulak burun boğaz hastanesi

  114. Thank you for this brilliant post. I loved the thought you put in it. I really believe I’m going to look over more you have writen on the topic. Many thanks again!

  115. Vorona7001 says:

    Very fantastic cakes. How much temper there are nedd to make some of it.

  116. Moda says:

    those cakes seems to me very deliciuos.

  117. moda says:

    From a girlie man? That’s funny.

  118. Mirovud says:

    I want to imagine such yummy … Well, at least one of these cakes!…!!!!!!!=)))


  119. Jerry says:

    Delicious !!! I want see it an taste=))

  120. NimBrank says:

    Thanks. I read with interest, and generally useful in your blog

  121. Fonda Lortie says:

    Cool information…found your post on yahoo and i’ll come back for sure

  122. Quiss says:

    1 kg of this cakes costs 2000 rubles. It’s about 66$. One cake weights about 10 kg.

  123. Encontré tu blog por pura casualidad y me gustó mucho el contenido que publicas. Hace varios minutos que estoy viendo tus artículos. Tu dirección ya está en mi Google Reader. Si estás aburrido, visita mi blog. Seguiré comentando!

  124. Mary says:

    It is a real skill!

  125. Prefabrik Ev says:

    Thanks for the great information, it was very helpful.Prefabrik Ev

  126. Eros says:

    Absurdity what that

  127. Swix says:

    It — is intolerable.

  128. ick says:

    very amazing pictures!!!

  129. Wow! The cognac bottle cake is absolutely amazing! That is one of the most detailed cakes I have ever seen in my 20+ years in the industry.

  130. Quick Facts says:

    Best you could change the blog name title English Russia » Cake Art to more suited for your webpage you make. I enjoyed the the writing however.

  131. IloveAnime says:

    Holy Shiggle!

    These cakes are amazing. If i could make cakes like that i wouldn’t eat anything else. XD

  132. hats shop says:

    Sim, essas imagens são de bolos!!! É um fabuloso trabalho realizado por alguém de nome Zhanna de St. Petersburg (não consegui levantar seu o site oficial). Tudo o que é usado na decoração dos bolos é comestível. Dariam ótimos e deliciosos presentes, não é verdade??

  133. Evgeny says:

    It is very nice! Where I can buy this cakes?

  134. Boboce says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats!

  135. Lisa S says:

    There is one real Pepsi can ( upper right side by itself) ?? please confirm because im 99.9% sure it is the real deal – the rest are edible.

  136. prefabrik says:

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  139. Savrseneee Suuu Torte haha

  140. patlatma tas says:

    And I know most fisherman (being one myself) would gladly help by doing this, to help keep our

  141. Gracie says:

    Wow I love these cakes. I wish i could read Russian though.

  142. seniorsergo says:

    They are too nice to eat although I would get satisfaction from eating the little people

  143. seniorsergo says:

    It is very nice! Where I can buy this cakes?

  144. Resim Bul says:

    Wonderful writing, thanks too much!

  145. bakergirl says:

    these pictures are the reason why me and my friend started a buisness.

  146. prefabrik says:

    Look good? It’s nice knowing that how much the average Russian respects and admires other countries that truly have civil liberties.

  147. basma says:

    i would like to work with you in eygypt

  148. basma says:

    i would like to work with you in egypt

  149. Metin says:

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