17 Painted Houses of Borovsk

Painted Houses of Borovsk

Posted on February 11, 2007 by

People of this small Russian town Borovsk are fond of painting their houses with different kind of stories. Some prefer pictures from past, some are more modern oriented.

Visitors of the city can get a special map with all the sites of interest across the town.

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17 Responses to “Painted Houses of Borovsk”

  1. björn says:

    pretty town.

  2. Bert says:

    For a minute there it felt like I was really in that town.

  3. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    good! horosho!

  4. Claudia says:

    Charming- wish you had included more narrative about this tradition.

  5. Wow!! that is amazing. My favorite is the one with the girl balancing on top of the pipe.

  6. Texas1 says:

    What is the story behind that giant carrot? Is it radioactive from Chernobyl?

  7. Asmat says:

    Russia is amazing country with rich history and culture.

  8. Laura says:

    great… i wish i could visit russia.. well, someday maybe i will.. kisss

  9. vladimir says:

    Comment by Asmat
    2007-02-12 12:43:17
    Russia is amazing country with rich history and culture.
    very informative…

  10. natalie says:

    What a fantastic place. I wish we all had the ability and privilege to express ourselves and decorate our own environment..

  11. Maria says:

    Borovsk is my hometown and I can tell you exactly who made all these paintings. They are all by that weird looking guy without a shirt sitting on a trunk of a car with little girl on his lap (his granddaughter). He drew it on his garage gate and by the way, he does not own a Mercedes J. As you can tell he’s much better doing sceneries than portraits.
    Some painting don’t’ mean anything, but some reflect Borovsk’s history and famous people who lived there.
    Some of the paintings contain poems, all written by the same lady.

  12. John Howell says:

    This is the most interesting thing I have seem on the web in a while.

  13. Logan says:

    You had some nice points here. I done a research on the topic and got most peoples will agree with your blog.

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