44 Where is Buran Now?

Where is Buran Now?

Posted on October 4, 2006 by team

Some people asked, what happened to the Buran afterwards?

Here is a photo session  from Ukrainian site about what is now with Buran.

It is standing in the lonely place at Baikonur, not covered with any sort of hangar or anything.


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44 Responses to “Where is Buran Now?”

  1. maxa says:

    It sure is hot…. wherefore to care for something if that dont give any money :(

  2. Hitman says:

    Another Buran should be in Moscow, Gorky Park if I well remember.

  3. Matthew says:

    According to Wikipedia, “a” Buran was destroyed in a hangar collapse. Was there more than one created?



    • JRM says:

      There was more than one, only one was completed and flown…once. It was in Gorky Park for several years and is now at Baikonur Cosmodrome

  4. kubanskaya says:

    what about the one in Park Kultury? Is that the one that went into space? this pictured might be a spare?

  5. kubanskaya says:

    oops, the one in park kultury is a mock up. the one that flew was in a hangar collapse and was destroyed. the one pictured never flew, it seems.

  6. A foreigner living abroad says:

    Cool site, I love the abandoned city/building etc. photos.
    I thought this particular shuttle looked like a training model (i.e. not really flyable.) but who knows?

  7. awer says:

    only 1 flew….they had like 5 other mockups/gliders/trainers

  8. Flippy says:

    Yes, there is more than one buran. And if I am not mistaken, one or two burans whereabouts are not know. (there lost).

  9. BigDog says:

    Oh well. The American space shuttle program was a foolish and expensive mistake anyway. Russia is probbly better off not using them.

  10. Fig says:

    It looks like there’s one disassembled on a dock in Bahrain. A couple of people in the Google Earth community have labeled it a Buran space shuttle. It’s in pieces, but you can distinctly see a fuselage, with the wings and tail nearby.

    If you have Google Earth, got to Bahrain, enable the ‘Populated Places’ layer to find ‘Al Juffayr’ at the northern end of the island. Enable ‘Google Earth Community’ layer and look for the markers for the space shuttle. It’s located adjacent to the Navy base in the Mina Salman Industrial Area.

    • john says:

      This glider was moved to the “Technikmuseum Speyer” in Germany.
      It´s also the only place to visit a TU44 and Concorde.

  11. Anton says:

    >According to Wikipedia, “a” Buran was destroyed

    According to an inscription on a fence, should be a male genital organ behind that. I checked out, there are no one…

  12. dRE says:

    Yeah, like Wikipedia is the only true source of information. Read some books, people!

  13. ski88er says:

    at least one of Burans is located near embankment in Gorky Park in Moscow.
    The space shuttle is in ideal condition. What a pity that Russia decided to reject this expensive idea of space shuttles! :)

    You can see it on GoogleMaps here:


    • Zorgon says:

      Thanks for the link to the Moscow Buran and thanks to Fig for the Bahrain info…

      Here is the Buran OK ML 1 at Baikonur

      45°55’10.15″N 63°18’35.99″E

      Also I have photos of Buran being launched at night and in the daytime… but I understood there was only one flight… not counting the Polyus launch Any one have any info on this?


  14. dRE says:

    Yeah, like Buran is the only way to get to space. It’s a thing of the past, man. USA wants to stop flying their Shuttles too, because it’s too expensive and inefficient. We just did it earlier. ;)

  15. MRK says:

    Excellent thread about Buran, including films, status and other information:


    List of “Burans”:

    Test articles (not space ready); Some used for flight tests, payload tests, mockups of engineering and or transport simluations.


    One of these “dummy” units is in the photos above.

    Flight Vehicles.

    1.01 – Buran – Destroyed in hangar collapse
    1.02 – Ptichka – Still intact inside another hangar
    2.01 – Second series 1
    2.02 – Second series 2
    2.03 – Second series 3

    Final three never completed.

    Das Vedanya, Buran! A marvelous machine!

  16. Vladimir says:

    It’s not that Buran, that was flying in open space. It’s only model, where a soviet engeneers tested some systems.
    Now, it placed at Kazakstan, in Baykonour city and not use.
    Inside it almost empty.
    I know persons, who are working in that spaceport at present.

  17. hazzamanazz says:

    Yes, but the “legend” here in the west – I’m brazilian – is that the Buran Program helped the fall of Soviet Union, since it costs 14 billion rubles, money wich the government can’t spend at the time, but since it’s a cold war, they had to buil it (competion in the warfare industry, propaganda, etc).

    I think Buran was more sucefull than the shuttle, it’s basically the same craft, the two of them. But Buran flewed to space by remote control, something that the US was trying hard to do it at the time, but never been able to.

    Interesting enough, with the fall of Soviet Union and the borrow of soviet technology, the US finally could make non-crew aircrafts.

  18. Lada says:

    Detailled informations on buran here:


  19. Grim Guy says:

    Comment by ski88er:
    “at least one of Burans is located near embankment in Gorky Park in Moscow.
    The space shuttle is in ideal condition.”

    Actually is quite far from ‘ideal conditions’ – these pictures were taken ad least 9 years ago. Google Earth isn’t as precise as we would expect :)


  20. Donut says:

    Have you gone to the rust-belt in the US anytime recently? The US does the same thing (though at a lesser scale because our economy didn’t collapse) with mining equipment and old industrial centers which have largely moved overseas.

  21. Chris says:

    The flying Buran is in Jukovsky now.There is another one in Jukovsky.

  22. Buran says:

    Yes this is OK-M in Baikonur.

  23. Ron says:

    The one in Gorky Park is made out of wood. Security keeps anyone from getting close, but slip him a few hundred rubles at night and you can jump on the wings and see the rotting wood underneath…

  24. Gurtek-Singh says:

    well nice picture,
    feel bad for the buran program ……..
    still it is good…..

  25. makaveli says:

    The Buran is in Germany right now. in the tecnical Museum in Speyer. 100 km from stuttgart.

  26. konvlad says:

    Sic transit gloria mundi

  27. Globotroniks says:

    Buran was destroyed in a hangar collapse. The one shown in the picture is a mock. It only flew once and orbited the Earth 2 times.

  28. Harris says:

    Buran looks a lot sexier than its american counterparts and its sophistication makes its american cousins look like hillbilies who have no idea of their origins!!! like look at buran’s thrusters, they are more aerodynamically designed than the american version!

    • stavros says:

      That is just the dumbest statement ive read, the Buran was antiquated to even 2nd generation US shuttle revisions

  29. Peg Dabadie says:

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  30. SaShKo says:

    It agree, very good information

  31. LIMPIEZA says:

    Sincereamente interesante, tenia dudas , ahora, si se me han aclarado las ideas . Buen trabajo el contenido del blog. Os seguiré siempre para ampliar mas sobre el tema.

  32. Forrester says:

    What a shame. What you are seeing is the remains of our future (along with the abandoned US shuttle program).

  33. Chip says:

    It’s sad to see the Buran like this, even if it’s a static model. It’s like seeing Superman thrown out of a dirty bar with a torn cape and filthy clothes, bald, drunk and all puked-up.

  34. nyar says:

    The real story is that the Buran flew with a hand picked crew sworn to secrecy. It had an advanced cold fusion powered hyperspace drive and made a grand tour type survey of all of the planets from 1988 on. After the first flight proved out the impulse drive the booster rocket became redundant and further flights were done without it. Discovery of alien artifacts on Mars and Titan resulted in a secret US-Russian program to identify alien influence on earth resulting in the fall of the USSR when brain parasites were found in many soviet officials. Full scale interstellar war erupted with the 911 attack by parasite controlled agents. The target was a secret UN space command center in the basement of the twin towers. The Buran was destroyed in 2001 during a space battle between the Rigellian armada and the UN space fleet. The shuttle destroyed in 2002 was just a model as part of a coverup.

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