42 Russian Sausage Art

Russian Sausage Art

Posted on September 30, 2008 by

Russian sausage art 1

The sausage art is now popular in Russia. They have made some major masterpieces out of sausages and wurst and put on display so that anyone can eat them.

Russian sausage art 2

Russian sausage art 3

Russian sausage art 4

Russian sausage art 5

Russian sausage art 6

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42 Responses to “Russian Sausage Art”

  1. Bruce Willis says:


  2. Johnny says:

    Makes me hungry!
    Though I wonder how these pictures will look in 100 years…

  3. restcat says:

    if you do this in spain it will instantly melt and everything will be covered with fat!

  4. Pros says:

    First ! PHOTOSHOP! GAY !

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  6. Gavarit...Moskva says:

    In Soviet Russia…sausage ate YOU!

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  8. xyuH says:

    komu che a sovku kolbasi

  9. Eris says:

    > The sausage art is now popular in Russia.

    Yeah, right! Everyone wears lapti, plays balalaika, drinks vodka and, of course, has a dozen of Sausage Arts. Exactly. :D

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  11. Sam says:

    Wheres Borat?

  12. WillJongIll says:


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  14. bilosh says:

    Art lovers being punished for enjoying western decadence.

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  19. ooopinionsss says:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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  21. it has to do something with your posts and settings, like you see the theme on your site has the same problem

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  23. Me-Mo says:

    Their art mat be different,but I have met some beautieful Russian women,here in Maryland.If only I had taken Russian language classes,instead of Spanish. :(

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  25. [...] statuen Hm… ich kenne nur diese Wurst-Bilder, tun die es zur Not [...]

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