32 Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus

abandoned soviet trains in belarus 1


We’ve already posted the pictures of abandoned trains of Soviet Era in Abkhazia and Northern Siberian lands of Russia. Here are some new shots of such a place in Brest (Belarus).

abandoned soviet trains in belarus 2


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 3


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 4


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 5


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 6


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 7


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 8


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 9


abandoned soviet trains in belarus 10


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32 Responses to “Abandoned Soviet Trains In Belarus”

  1. Texas1 says:

    Didn’t we already see these trains? One had Pepsi.

    • D says:

      These arent the same trains that bring Mexicans into your state.

      • 3apa3a says:


        Since when Mexicans need a train to come to U.S……I thought over the fence amd off they go….
        Shame those train are not in US though…i would love to see how fast they would of been stripped down for metal by own local crackhead population….

        • Boris Abramov says:

          Or perhaps some people, could even take one carriage to their trailer park and use it like a home for the newly wedded brother and sister. Now isn’t it nice to know that some US families still stick together and help each other out like in the good old days? Ahhh, I love the south :)

          • Dungeonbrownies says:

            Mc donalds actually has several railcar resaurants and I actuallly remember bein in an an entire tiny mall made of an old station and alot of interconnected rail cars.

        • D says:

          Most mexicans just hop on a train that is carrying material into the U.S. You can see them like vultures just sitting on top of the trains. When the train passes over the border, they hop off then rob your house and rape your family.

  2. Radical Vlad says:

    Don’t get him started. Some of us are still waiting for an explanation from him which he promised to provide at the end of the week. That was 2 weeks ago.

    • Pros says:

      IGOR figured. LOL

      • Igor says:

        I hate trains, they steal work from us truckers
        What better way is there to transport tones of toxic waste from Novorossiysk to Petropavlosk- Kemchatisky Via Moscow, St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Noril’sk, Tomsk, Yakutsk and Vladivostock. Truck is the only way to go, It takes a few months but Premium Russian Vodka makes the time fly by!

        • Richard S. says:

          What are you talking about? Truckers in North America have shut down some rail lines. When a line becomes no longer profitable it is shut down and abandoned.Rails and ties are then pulled… A lot of abandoned lines here.:(

          • Igor Ignatenkov says:

            Good, real truckers should aspire to shut down as many train lines as possible.

            Nuclear wastes should only transported from Chernobyl to Petropavlosk-Kemchatisky by truck. Schools kids love there healthy green glow from toxic wastes dumped in their school playground, I wish I grew up in a place where my body contained enough Nuclear radiation

          • Joel says:

            “trains steal jobs from truckers” yes and thats why america is screwed up liek ti is, it doesnt make sense to use trucks for interstate transport. Why use a machine that can only be controled by 1 person, and is dependent on that one person to be driven, whether he can or has to sleep/eat/potty, that gives you liek 10 or 15 miles per gallon (or less) and can only carry 1 freight box and is in direct contact with everyone in the streets and highways where it can be targeted or stolen or lost?

            A train can move 1 ton 465 miles with 1 gallon of fuel, is much more efficient, since it uses thermoelectric brakes, and 3 phase AC motor, can be tracked by computer and even controled by one, basically drive-by-wire, requieres 1 driver (maybe a team of 5 in some cases) can travel for 1000 miles uninterrupted by traffic jams or car accidents or for that matter weather, can move hundreds of freight at a time, at speeds surpasing those in highways and releases the least ammount of CO2 emmisions of any form of transportation (exclouding those which is are co2 free like a sailboat)

  3. Justin says:

    Cool! Where do they find these places?

  4. Jerry says:

    Don’t let the dilapidated condition of this railway graveyard fool you. Belarus is quite a beautiful country. And Minsk, especially, is much cleaner than ANY U.S. city I’ve been to.

    I’ve been to Belarus twice, and I can say truthfully, that I have NEVER seen such a high concentration of StUnNiNgLy BEAUTIFUL women in my life

  5. Rastaputin says:

    It seems that Russia is the land of all things abandonned.

  6. SVD says:

    He need bullet in head

  7. T. says:

    Gosh. There’s “TAPA” written on one of these wagons.. Tapa is actually a small town in Estonia that has a big railway junction and station and many other railway-related structures (don’t quite know what they made there, maybe there was even a wagon factory, but I doubt that).

    Well, what gets me curious is how this wagon got and stayed so far away.

  8. oliver says:

    No,Tapa means weight in russian.

  9. S. says:

    Or – to transcribe that – Cyrillic “Tapa” reads “Tara”, which is close to the English “tare” = unladen weight. So, that wagon weighs 52 tons.

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  11. dos says:

    nothing special
    abadoned railways, abodoned trains

  12. David GR says:

    These trains were there for a while. I went by them back in 2000 (!) when I visited the city.

    Its a nice town, small, has a Brest-Litovsk fortress which is an interesting historic monument.

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  15. [...] century.  Predominantly used by mining companies, Uyuni has been home to a spectacular train graveyard since the 1940s, when mining collapsed in the region, taking the railway with [...]

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