56 VDV Day. The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops

VDV Day. The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops

Posted on August 2, 2007 by

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 1

On the 2nd of August Russia celebrates the day of Russian airborne troops. It’s called “VDV day”. VDV is abbreviation of vozdushno-desantnie voiska (airborne troops in Russian). During that celebration all paratroopers put on their uniform or striped vests, gather in public places (In Moscow, for example, in Gorky park), drink much alcohol and traditionally swim in the fountains (where swimming is traditionally forbidden) and shout “for VDV!!!”. Sometimes drunk troopers can get into confrontation with militia or security guards and also beat people from the south countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States or just those people who haven’t served in the army.

On the pictures below one can see the VDV celebration nowadays.

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 2

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 3

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 4

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 5

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 6

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 7

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 8

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 9

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 10

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 11

The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops 12

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56 Responses to “VDV Day. The Celebration of Russian Airborne Troops”

  1. Gooshin says:

    смешной народ

    паловина даже не пахожа на солдат… а просто типичных алкашей

  2. cheers says:

    Vo blja! Eto kruto! pzd

  3. ValeraL says:

    Gooshin раз ты считаешь русских смешными то сам ты кто?

    • Русский says:

      К сожалению… он прав

    • Gooshin says:

      Валера.. ты читать умееш?

      я ЭТИХ, солдатиков назвал смешными, а не весь русский народ.

      глаза открой

      • ДМБ-89 says:


        у нас армия рабоче-крестьянская, это вы студентики косите от неё с плоскостопием, энурезом и по дурке.
        Сначала отслужи, а потом высказывай своё мнение

  4. Ostundermenschen says:

    Of course there is no stereotype of a drunk russian male.

  5. ttlsd says:

    Такой праздник ещё здорово бы где-нибудь в США спраздновать. Десантников туда доставить с провиантом. И посмотреть, чем всё кончится)

    • Russ, Ian says:

      Это было бы круто!!!!!
      Наших ребят в Вашингтон на 4-го Июля. Пусть покупаются в бассейне перед Мемориалом Линкольна, выпьют, а потом чтобы они начали вламывать пизды всем вокруг.

      English Translation:

      That would be cool!!!!!
      Send these boys to Washington National Mall on the 4th of July. Let them swim a little in front of the Lincoln Memorial, have some drinks, and then start kicking everyone’s asses.

      • lithuanian says:

        They don’t look that tough. Most of US cops are more imposing

        • altima says:

          it doesn’t matter how they look like. it is all about what they are ready for. my uncle used to be a paratrooper more than 15 years ago. he doesn’t look impressive now, but he is still able of digging earth 8 hours without a break.

  6. Delicious says:

    They look geigh

  7. asdfadsfadsfads says:


  8. D says:

    Thats great… obviously drunk.

  9. glvoid says:

    u churkav v etom gody pizdy dali? ;

  10. Amerikan says:

    Why is that big tool wearing WWII medals?

    Best case scenario they are his grandfathers. Worse case scenarion he bought them for $2 from a veteran who is starving on his miniscule government pension.

  11. am says:

    ЭТО НАЦИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ПОЗОР! Тут нанотехнологиями не отделаешься.
    Такое проходит только со временем… Интересно, что творится там в день космонавтики.

  12. maxD says:

    These people were not selected into the VDV for their good looks, that much is sure.

  13. russian boys says:

    AGA!!! From russia with love…


  14. Igor says:

    Ordinary demerit. No need to be Russian to be at it. You know that, don’t you?

  15. morbus says:

    beautiful country, too bad it’s full of people

  16. Wisconsin1 says:

    Russia’s Army of flying monkeys.

  17. Elkman says:

    One should split all these guys into 2 groups: real troopers and clowns. The former ones are the real soldiers who have battle experience of Afganistan and Chechnya. The latter ones spent a couple of years in barracks and deem themselves being airborne troopers.

  18. Shizo says:

    Sad sight.

    Грусное зрелище.

  19. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    For VDV or something else: as long as they have a reason to drink!

  20. Gully says:

    heh, :-) so much for the image of russian army :-) to those who doesn’t know, VDV or Russian Airborne Division is considered as a most effective and most professional and everything else what can be “most” in army :-) every boy who thinks going to service is dreaming about joining VDV. It’s probably the most undisciplined devision in russian army. So you NATO nations, if you ever will be conflicting (god save you!) with russia , you’ll be dealing with those guys :-)))

    • Remek says:

      Nie przesadzałbym, przecież wiadomo że rosyjskie wojsko to typowe mięso armatnie:)

    • Tsuhna says:

      well, I heard that at least during the Soviet times the navy officers were afraid of the senior conscripts and that if these ‘grandfathers’ did not like something, it didn’t happen.

      But seriously, these are guys who voluntarily jump out of a perfectly good airplane while it’s in the air, is it really that strange that they pull off something like the stuff in these pictures?

  21. I am says:

    Ты полный долбаеб их обучают воевать а не убивать. нормальные бывшие солдаты у которых сейчас обычная жизнь встречаются раз в год на праздник и выпивают притом количество этих гуляющих не сравнимо с общим количеством служивших в вдв. Нехер судить по кучке людей

  22. elvirs says:

    it was very hot and guys got the reason to cool off and beyond!

  23. Remek says:

    Dlaczego mnie te fotki nie dziwią? hm… :)

  24. serviceman says:

    Куда только власти смотрят? Неужели так трудно сокрушить эту пяную свиноту? Устраивают каждый год позорище стране и армии на всемирное обозрение. Кто скажите из этих героев порох в жизни нюхал и кого из этих бухих дистрофанов и боровов армия сделала человеком если они спустя всего лишь 5-10 лет ведут себя как животные?

  25. Wisconsin1 says:

    Would someone please translate the comments that are in Russian. They don’t seem to know this is ENGLISH Russia site.

  26. comrade says:

    “Would someone please translate the comments that are in Russian. They don’t seem to know this is ENGLISH Russia site.”

    Oh, don’t worry, it’s all anti-American hate speech from low educated people

  27. Someone says:


  28. anton says:

    Please do not pass the judgment on those guys just according to those pictures. You have no clue what most of them have been through. I dare any of you americans to try russian army.
    it would change your opinion.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Wow, with all you other guys on here no wonder Americans have a bad name. Yes, our two bit army is doing great in operation “run over every IED”.

    Good to see them having a nice time and being badass airborne troopers.

  30. your name here says:

    Those are some of the ugliest people I have ever seen.

  31. your name here says:

    And they obviously don’t have any pride in their unit when they let a dog or that whale in picture 9 wear their uniform.

  32. Chris says:

    This is so embarrassing. Being Polish, these pictures make me embarrassed to be a Slav.

    Here’s a good VDV music vid though

  33. lude nunes says:

    Don’t undertake this guys: they might look bohemian and irresponsible (some of them might even be it) but they still win wars…

  34. VDV says:

    I am Russian.
    My friend’s family is all VDV.
    He is going to serve this summer.
    It doesnt matter how they look, trust me. many of these are retired guys on pictures.
    They are all brothers, thats what makes them STRONG…

  35. milky candy says:

    The kid is sooo cute. Some guys on the photos also :p

  36. Vladimir80 says:

    One of the reasons I quit drinking.

  37. Dosug says:

    Разительно полезная инфа, согласен с автором!

  38. vanapeer says:

    russian tolbajobs

  39. chode says:

    “Don’t undertake this guys: they might look bohemian and irresponsible (some of them might even be it) but they still win wars…”
    Ha Ha like which one? When was the last time Russia ever won anything?

  40. Josie says:

    So, why are some people here getting themselves all bent out of shape? Because the guys had too much to drink? Because they’re jumping around in a fountain? So what? That’s what Russian graduation girls do as well, and it’s fine with everyone, but apparently when soldiers have a bit of fun, it’s not. I prefer looking at this in comparison to drunk women; and I think quite a few of these guys are really good looking, too.

  41. Rachel_Rachel says:

    some are hot, if your a hot russian hit me up bicthes

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