3 Historic Soviet And Russian Photos You Need to See

Historic Soviet And Russian Photos You Need to See

Posted on May 15, 2019 by team

Every photo in this collection captures your attention and holds it for awhile. Famous places and people, amazing details on the historic photographs you need to see if you have interest for Russia.

In the center of Grozny, January 27th 1995.

Two-decker trolley bus. Moscow. In the mid 1930s.

Flood in Moscow, April 11th, 1908.

Moscow, 1908.

K. E. Tsyolkovsky, the pioneer of the space thought in Kaluga, 1932.

Soviet soldiers next to the globe of Hitler, 1945.

Sophia Loren in the Kremlin Palace of Moscow, 1965.

Two babies meet in Chukotka, 1975.

Late 1940s, Chelyabinsk region, the USSR. Sherman tank replaces a tractor.


Leonid Gaidai, the producer of the Soviet film “Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession”, 1973.

Salvation of Soviet slaves from the basements of Osnabrück set afire by German policemen. Germany. April 7th, 1945.

Selling mushrooms at Danilovsky market in Moscow. 1959.

Shocked deer are watching planes dropping bombs. Kola peninsular, the USSR, 1941.

Soviet mobile hairdresser’s of the 1960s.

Saint-Petersburg. The protest against opening the first McDonalds in the city. 1996.

Port wine bottle filling, 1980s.

Construction of the first Khruschev-era apartment blocks, the USSR, 1950s.

Gay wedding, 1921, RSFSR. The epoch of early socialism.

Landing of Tu-124 on the Neva river – the air accident that occured in Leningrad in August 21st 1963.


The first cars Moskvich-408 at the assembly conveyer of the Izhevsk auto plant. December 12th, 1966.

Crimea, 1963.

Emergency drill. Pioneers of Leningrad. 1937.

The first cellphone call in Russia. September 9th, 1991. Anatoly Sobchak is calling to America.

Fishermen with the catch from the Volga river, 1924.

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  1. uaz-man says:

    Tank is M3 Lee, not Sherman!

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