3 Lexus Driver Locked People In the House On the Victory Day

Lexus Driver Locked People In the House On the Victory Day

Posted on May 11, 2019 by team

On days of fireworks and celebrations it’s hard to find space for parking in many Russian cities. The driver of this Lexus in Vladivostok didn’t bother himself with finding an appropriate place and simply left his car at the doorway of the dwelling house to go and see the Victory parade. But dozens of people who lived there could not enjoy the spectacle as they were locked inside by the massive car. Some even jumped out of windows…

The locals called the police but it could not help. When the parade was over, the driver of the car came back, said something rude to the locked people and went off.

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3 responses to “Lexus Driver Locked People In the House On the Victory Day”

  1. Tsuhna says:

    An expensive car makes a person dumb and indifferent

  2. Suwat says:

    Decent citizen of Russia should behave himself.

  3. JJ says:

    1) Break driver’s window glass.
    2) Open driver’s door & enter car.
    3) Release the parking break & set neautral gear.
    4) Push the car and move it away from the house door.
    5) Problem solved.
    6) If car owner appears and start complaining, punch him in face.
    7) Repeat #6 until the idiot gets the message loud and clear.

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