3 Household Stuff of Soviet Scientists

Household Stuff of Soviet Scientists

Posted on May 11, 2019 by team

Close to Schukino metro station in Moscow you may find this cool museum of articles of Soviet scientists. In fact it’s just a collection of old memorable things that used to be typical for many professors’ apartments.

In the mid of the 2000s heirs of a radiochemist Boris Kurchatov, father of the Soviet nuclear bomb, decided to sell his apartment. All his belongings would be thrown away but his neighbours didn’t let it happen. They kept the stuff and later the local housing cooperative rented the premise of the former shop nearby and made an exhibition there. In course of time the collection was supplemented by items from other apartments.


“Give money to the salesman”.

Price boards.

The food norm given out per capita (fish, bread, meat, butter, eggs etc).


Candied roasted nuts in chocolate.


Soviet packages.

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    Those old items of food would bring back a lot of memories.

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