6 Could This Boy Be a Son of Putin?

Could This Boy Be a Son of Putin?

Posted on May 10, 2019 by team

People began to spread rumors about the secret affair of Vladimir Putin and ex-gymnast Alina Kabaeva back in 2008. Today Alina Kabaeva is a State Duma deputy and details of her personal life are unknown to the public. But the other day someone published photos of her son Dmitry who suspiciously looks too much alike with the Russian president.

In 2008 Russian and foreign press even wrote about the secret wedding of the couple, but the Kremlin kept denying all the rumors angrily.

In 2009 Alina, being unmarried, gave birth to her son Dmitry. But nothing else has been known about her affairs.

And look at this boy now. It’s hard to deny the resemblance of Dmitry and Mr. Putin. How many children can he actually have?

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6 responses to “Could This Boy Be a Son of Putin?”

  1. Douglas says:

    The boy does have some resemblance but not an overwhelming amount. But then anything is possible.

  2. Pierre Dubois says:

    Hello,Can you give me an e-mail adress, so i can send you a picture of Putin in Angola.

  3. Rob Nordmann says:

    Isnt that the rhythmic gymnast Alina?

  4. Marble says:

    This boy’s mother is not this gymnast. The gymnast had no children until she delivered twins from an elderly married billionaire gentleman at the beginning of May 2019. But this boy in the photo above is Putin’s biological son from an elderly withdrawn lady, a true copy of his father who has inherited his best qualities. He has had best nannies and very good upbringing in modest settings. The gymnast was needed to play a so-called glam ‘lover’ to hush the scandal and keep journalists busy, as Putin was still married. Most likely Putin will never marry again. He will be seventy next year, after all. Even his first marriage was needed only in order to promote his career. During the Soviet time you were ‘normal’ only when you were a family man. Putin has three daughters and one son. One before marriage, two inside his only marriage and one out of wedlock again. He will not marry her. He is married to Russia.

  5. Tarja Halonen says:

    Looks nothing like him.

  6. MattNSW says:

    Doesn’t look much like him, but even so, if he managed a roll in the hay with that hottie then well done to him!

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