18 Russia Has Got a Message From the Dutch Farmer

Russia Has Got a Message From the Dutch Farmer

Posted on May 9, 2019 by team

Europe celebrates the end of the war on May, 8th, and this photo was taken the day before yesterday in the Netherlands. Farmer Hugo Yansen installed a board at the road with an unsuaul message addressed to Russia…

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18 responses to “Russia Has Got a Message From the Dutch Farmer”

  1. Suwat says:

    100% agree but Europe must inform it’s folk how ugly and evil American is!

  2. Barq Namichi says:

    Dear Russia. Bring it on. Signed: USA

  3. Jo says:

    Yeah. No. Russia wouldn’t stand a chance in a conventional war and none of us stand a chance in a nuclear one.

  4. Ron says:

    It’s a shame we’re not allowed to talk about all the bad things America does. We’re only supposed to villify Russia, Iran, China, or whoever is on America’s current agenda, and echo whatever lies are spread on popular media.

    People are made guilty simply by association, and many are afraid to stand up and speak out about the real wrongs, or just point out that things are not right. They are told to sit down and not rock the boat too much. But eventually a change will happen.

  5. ronnie rankin says:

    Ron your right and wrong, right about america’s agenda but wrong about rocking the boat, half want to climb on the boat the other half does not know there is a boat .

  6. Tsuhna says:

    Russia stopped Napoleon and Hitler in the war. Does a farmer want a war between America and Russia?

  7. Alper says:

    That farmer is a misinformed baboon! The Russian government is much more deceitful, evil and aggressive minded then USA.

  8. Schmuck says:

    Are they too young in NL to remember Russian troops raping whatever wasn’t nailed down back then?

  9. Douglas says:

    A US war with Russia would be stupid. The US has nothing to gain by it, US sanctions against Russia are a joke. Russia can get anything it needs from other countries.

  10. Tsuhna says:

    The doctor should examine the condition of the head of that farmer. Degeneration is noticeable.

    • Chris says:

      No, you’re the one who needs his head examined.

      The US government is the great sh1t disturber on the planet and we’re in danger of WW3 because of it.

  11. Kpt Tuck says:

    The Netherlands sat out WWI as a neutral county and even gave the German Kaiser sanctuary. They got invaded by the NAZIs in WWII and the Americans and British liberated their country. They have zero experience with occupation by Communist Russia.

  12. Tarja Halonen says:

    Weed farmer?

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