5 Millions of People In the Memorial March

Millions of People In the Memorial March

Posted on May 9, 2019 by team

On the 9th of May people in different Russian cities participate in the Immortal Regiment – the memorial march in the honour of those who gave their lives for the motherland. Participants hold portraits of their ancestors who lived and possibly died in the years of the war. Each year the number of participants is growing and the march becomes more and more spectacular. This one was shot by the cam in Novosibirsk – millions of people who prepared and took part in the march.

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5 responses to “Millions of People In the Memorial March”

  1. William says:

    While it is tragic that so many of both sides died in this useless war, I wonder how many of the people in this picture know the truth?
    How many of them know that their grandfather may have died after being shot in the back by a NKVD secret police thug, because he didn’t charge the Germans with enough enthusiasm?
    How many of them know that “The Great Patriotic War” was started when Russia invaded Poland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia?
    How many of them know about the massacre of 40,000 Polish officers in Katyn Forest? How many know of the deportations of thousands of innocent people from the Baltic states, who then died in the Gulag.
    How many know that Joseph Stalin was preparing to invade Europe in June 1948; and was only prevented from doing so by the Berlin airlift? How many know he was murdered by Kruschev in order to stop his grand plan of starting WWIII?

    So yes, celebrate the actions of the heroes. But also, do not hide from the truth.

    • Indy says:

      Seems there are readers here who are not aware of History. Hopefully you are here to remind them of the dark side of Russia. Thanks a lot!

      I’m pretty sure there will be much less people participating in demonstration about the glorious death of Russians in the agression war in Ukraine: Russia merely hide them in shame!

  2. soviet says:

    Whoever and wherever you are, you are a creepy asshole

    • William says:

      Yes, this may be true, but exactly what did I say that is not true?
      The Russian people suffered more from their own rulers than they did from the Nazis.
      Over 100,000,000 Russians murdered by the communists up to the fall of their regime. More than ten times the number murdered by the Nazis.
      And that is before we even start to talk about the Gulag.
      Read some of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s books; he was a Russian and will tell you all about the lies Russians today are being told.

      • Ivan says:

        Oh Really! What about Munich Agreement (September 29, 1938)?

        How do you know about shooting in the back with NKVD? From books?

        “Joseph Stalin was preparing to invade Europe in June 1948”- It is subjunctive mood in history.

        “Over 100,000,000 Russians murdered by the communists up to the fall of their regime” Are you insane? In 1941 population of USSR was 197 million, in 1953 when Stalin dead it was 293 million.

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