5 Preschool Children March In a Military Parade

Preschool Children March In a Military Parade

Posted on May 7, 2019 by team

In Pyatigorsk, Russia, they arranged a parade of “preschool troops”. Small children, dressed in a military uniform, marched along the square to the eternal flame. In general 500 kindergarten kids participated in the parade.

By the way, the official website of Pyatigorsk for some reason deleted all photos of the children who were marching with mock American rifles…

via pyatigorsk.org

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5 responses to “Preschool Children March In a Military Parade”

  1. Indy says:

    Don’t tell me Putin’s Russia is a peaceful country ! Give me just one western country with such pictures nowadays. Shame on Russians !

  2. Alper says:

    Hail to the motherland! A whole Russian generation born just today!

  3. curiosity says:

    Khm – guns who loooks like M16/ armalite..? in hands RUSSIAN pressschool children ??!!!

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