3 The Dream Office That Looks Like a Palace

The Dream Office That Looks Like a Palace

Posted on May 6, 2019 by team

Work should be done for pleasure, but how can you enjoy being at a stuffy office with a dull interior? It seems we have found the place employees are happy to go to on Monday and Saturday and Sunday! It’s the head office of “Sima-land” company that sooner resembles a luxury palace.

Designers and brand managers may get inspiration straightly from the walls.

With a cup of good coffee in your hand you feel like an aristocrat at this office.

Purchasing managers of the company have much light, air, lots of flowers around. And a huge chess board.

Another event at the sales department.

The most unusual place of the head office of “Sima Land” – the department of toys. The hall even has its own guards at the entrance – big golden figures of a lion, an eagle and an ox.

IT department has a more homely design. Soon they gonna make a Star Wars office here and workers will do their job aboard a spaceship.

One can ride bicycles, segways or scooters at the “Sima Land” office …

And if you need some rest, come to this room for relaxation.


  1. Of course, they have a parrot.
  2. The parrot can speak Portuguese.
  3. The parrot has its own office!

For talented employees they purchased good musical instruments.

The company has several canteens and a cafe with tasty food – free for employees.

And a gym with a professional coach!

They also have a doctor who cares about the health of the employees, massage and dental rooms.

But the main resource of the company is its people, as they say! Wonderful inspired workers who “are always ready to do more than they should”.


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3 responses to “The Dream Office That Looks Like a Palace”

  1. Douglas says:

    The one thing that impressed me was the free food in the canteen.

  2. Tutan Camon says:

    Too charged.

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