3 Tanks Disguised By Newspapers

Tanks Disguised By Newspapers

Posted on May 3, 2019 by team

These infantry fighting vehicles are really covered by newspapers, the photos are not photoshopped. But why? Do they cut corners on disguise? Why don’t they use a better camouflage?

In fact this method is now new. It was applied back in the WWII time.

Simple, cheap and rather efficient, many useless newspapers, water and soap are everything they need to provide a white campuflage to a vehicle.  The top photo was taken during a drill in Belarus. Above is the image from Donetsk, Ukraine.

via masterok




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3 responses to “Tanks Disguised By Newspapers”

  1. MikeGrost says:

    looks decent as a makeshift camo , but it’s really weird..
    but they’re not stupid, there must’ve been some reasons to do that.
    well I think any metal-white paint would be more efficient and timesaving when compared to applying the newspapers.
    Also probably cheaper… :/

  2. MikeGrost says:

    fun thing:
    it’s gonna be tough to recreate such detailed camo for modellers in a future ^_^

  3. Chris says:

    It isn’t stupid if it works.

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