0 Paintings Inspired By Saint Petersburg

Paintings Inspired By Saint Petersburg

Posted on May 3, 2019 by team

Saint Petersburg, the city of its own special atmosphere, has been inspiring talented people for making art. Native to the city or not, they painted its streets, roofs and houses when it was named Petrograd, Leningrad and St. Petersburg. Here is a nice selection of works painted in different epochs but inspired by one and the same city.

On the photo above: “Unknown yard”, Elizaveta Zarubina, 2017.

Semen Pavlov. “Vasileostrovsky landscape”, 1923.

“Etude”, A. Kudryavtsev, 1956

“Aircraft ANT-20″ Maxim Gorky”. Vasily Kuptsov, 1934.

“Rain on Chernyshevskaya St.”, Ekaterina Skripalschikova, 2013.

“Palace Square”, Yuri Khimich, 1957.

“Pioneer Summer”, Victor Vilner, 1972.

“White Nights. Bridge Raising”, Bortsov Sergey, 2011

“Znamenskaya Square”, unknown artist, 1927.

Nevsky Prospect, Valeria Larina, 1960s.


“Welding”, Nikolay Edomsky, 2019

“Leningrad”. Yuri Podlyassky, 1958.

“Narva Gates”, Georgy Zhevago, 1950s.

“Kirkha church”, Igor Suvorov, 1988.

“Pulkovo”, Heinrich Kilpe Heinrich, 1968.

“St. Petersburg. Dostoevsky Street”, Victor Semykin, 1985.

“Winter Petrograd”, Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva, 1917.

“The View of Nevsky Prospect in the evening”, Y. Klever, 1902.

“Leningrad. Avtovo”, Ruvim Tupikin, 1955.

“Darkening in Leningrad”, Yuri Vrublevsky, 1977.


“Kolomna market”, Viktor Semykin, 1985.

“St. Petersburg, The view of the Neva”, Alexander Beggrov, 1912.

At the Kalinkin bridge”, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, 1977.

“Landscape with St. Isaac’s Cathedral”, G. Kondratenko, 1884.

“Sennaya Square”, Igor Suvorov.

“Spiers of the Polytechnic University”, Vladislav Prilepsky, 2018.

“Nevsky prospect”, Igor Sukhorukov, 2019.

“The dome of the Baron Stieglitz Academy”, Ekaterina Skripalschikova, 2012.

“Kryukov Canal”, Frenz Rudolf, 1920.

“Anichkov Bridge”, Yury Vrublevsky, 1975.


“At the Gorkovskaya metro station”, Efim Padva, 1979.

“Transformer pillar”, Nikolay Edomsky, 2019.

“Volodarsky Bridge”, K. Ovchinnikov, 1962.

“Bolshoy Avenue”, Ekaterina Skripalschikova, 2013.

“Belinsky Bridge. The Church of Simeon and Anna”, Peter Konchalovsky, 1931.

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