0 The First Soviet Successfully Separated Siamese Twins

The First Soviet Successfully Separated Siamese Twins

Posted on May 2, 2019 by team

Anya and Tanya were born on the 9th of April, 1990 in Chelyabinsk. When the nurse unwrapped them for a mother for the first time, she began to cry – the babies had one stomach for the two. But today, looking at them, it is hard to imagine that once they were so much different from normal people. All this thanks to a prominent surgeon and wonderful person Lev Novokreschenov, who took the challenge to separate the girls.

The parents found out that their twins were unusual during another regular ultrasound imaging. Father delivered an ultimatum right away: “Abortion!” But Vera didn’t dare to have her pregnancy terminated and was left by her spouse who was mad about her decision.

He actually came to the maternity clinic hoping it was a mistake, but when he saw the Siamese twins, he threw a bunch of flowers in the face of their mother and left to never come back.

Vera and her babies were saved by Lev Novokreschenov, the surgeon who made up a difficult decision to operate on the twins in Chelyabinsk and separate them. Nobody in Moscow clinics agreed to do this. All attempts of such kind in the USSR had failed. But Lev challenged himself to save both girls. No other result would satisfy him.

The preparations lasted more than a month. The operation was done on May, 17th 1990, and this date became the second birthday for the girls, who are 29 years old now.

Vera Korkina raised her daughters alone. Their irresponsible father tried to reunite with the family but the woman could not forgive him.

They were living on a tight budget and had to save money for any expensive thing like a TV set, cassette-recorder etc. But the local administration provided the family with a flat, as they had been living in the old communal apartment.

Today the girls are just like other people. Anya likes feminine dresses, Tanya is “a nice guy” in any company, she prefers sports style and a short haircut.

Both work at the local fish factory, both are single yet, however each has a boyfriend. “We have a lot of time ahead!” – they say with a smile.

What’s more important that the twins are absolutely healthy though they have scars on the stomachs instead of belly-buttons.

That very doctor died in 2016, two years before his 90th anniversary. Here’s a memorial plaque made in his honor.

When the plaque was presented to the public, the girls with their mom came to the event as well. They still remember the doctor with warmth and kind words and feel deep gratitude for his deed.

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