6 Russian Spy Whale Found By Norwegian Fishermen

Russian Spy Whale Found By Norwegian Fishermen

Posted on April 30, 2019 by team

When the white whale approached the boat of the Norwegian fishermen, they noticed a belt with a fastening device for a action-cam fixed tightly on the creature. The device had a marking “Equipment of Saint Petersburg”. The animal seemed to be tamed, it was friendly and even let the men touch and caress it.

The biologists of the Norwegian marine research institute supposed that the whale belonged to the Fleet of the Russian Navy (maybe in Murmansk) and it could fled without notice.

The professor of the Arctic University in Tromso said that Russians tamed whales and some of them followed Norwegian boats. Such marking, according to him, is never used by Russian or Norwegian scientists, it can only be a military one.

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6 responses to “Russian Spy Whale Found By Norwegian Fishermen”

  1. andrade says:

    So the harness was marked “Equipment of Saint Petersburg” in English, or so we are told here in North America… probably it was an export version for the Norwegians LMAO

  2. kwhunter says:

    so the whale was a deserter? or it was on a secret spying mission? but she lost the spy GoPro camera along the way

  3. Jo says:

    Why on earth use equipment that identifies the source if you’re trying to spy?

    • www says:

      We in Russia so specially sign spy equipment so that the Norwegian fishermen do not confuse anything, that this is a whale spy and this whale was personally trained by Putin. Skripal in GB was also specially poisoned by the novichok. If they simply knocked down a car or shot his, it would be difficult to prove that it made a KGB.

  4. Richard S. says:

    The US Navy used dolphins ans seals for mine removals ans some espionage. If the belugas are not used anymore, atleast they should have their harnesses removed.

  5. Al says:

    Because maybe some Norway fishermens will claiming this warranty instead of KGB. Sometimes whale she can changing owner many time, but warranty claim, he is still valid no matter who owner can be.

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