0 Food Related Posters of the USSR

Food Related Posters of the USSR

Posted on April 30, 2019 by team

Food related posters seem to be such a blameless thing, but in the USSR they were an instrument of the propaganda too. Such images could be seen everywhere: in canteens and restaurants, in magazines, in offices, in the streets. Texts on the posters sounded persistently, imposed some ideas and made people follow the loud slogans.

“The one who does not work, does not eat!”

“Both kids and adults love the tartlets of this brand”.

“Pre-packed meat”.



“Let’s make abundance of meat, milk and butter in the country!”

“Сonfectionary “Ideal”, Kharkiv”.

“Do buy canned corn! 5 minutes and your porridge or soup is ready!”

“Crabs are so tasty and soft!”

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