4 Beauties With Epaulettes On Their Shoulders

Beauties With Epaulettes On Their Shoulders

Posted on April 29, 2019 by team

Here is the winner of a recent contest “The Beauty of the Federal National Guard Troops Service” that had over a thousand of participants. Anna Khramtsova left them all behind by getting more than 57 thousand votes. Now they are going to make a calendar for the year 2020 and include photos of the twelve finalists of the contest there.

Above is the picture of Anna, the winner. And other finalists of the contest:


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4 responses to “Beauties With Epaulettes On Their Shoulders”

  1. Tsuhna says:

    I’d surrender to those soldiers right away

  2. andrade says:

    I wonder whether the Russian military and police have any rules and regulations Re: women’s hair.
    These beauties don’t look professional at all, and certainly it’s not safe either.

  3. kwhunter says:

    the redhead Major is gorgeous… I wonder how she earned those promotions…

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