1 The Russian 90s: Lessons to Learn

The Russian 90s: Lessons to Learn

Posted on April 25, 2019 by team

The most controversial time for Russians, the bold 90s, were full of hopes and challenges, many events to remember and some with the purpose to never let them happen again.

On the photo above is the An-124 “Ruslan” catastrophe in Irkutsk, 1997.

The dump full of boxes, Vladivostok,1991.

Unloading cars imported from Japan, Vladivostok, 1993.

Fire aboard the ship, Vladivostok, 1993.

Flea market on Borisenko Street, Vladivostok, 1992

Gang issues aftermath in Vladivostok, 1993.

Auto market in Vladivostok, 1998.

Terminal stop of the tram, Vladivostok, 1996.

Flood 1998, Vladivostok.

Buddha Statue on Eagle’s Nest, Vladivostok, 1993.


Long line in Vladivostok, 1991.

Landfill site, Vladivostok, 1995.

A bus stop in Khabarovsk, 1991.

Dismantling of the old Amur bridge, the Jewish Autonomous Region, 1999.

At the stadium, Blagoveschensk, Amur region, 1995.

Standing for bread in Chita, 1991.

Tereshkova street view, Irkutsk, 1999.

Farewell to winter celebrations at the musical theater in Irkutsk, 1995.

Tram stop “Central Market”, Irkutsk, 1991.

An-124 accident, Irkutsk. 1997


Bridge testing in Omsk, 1991.

Omsk, 1991.

Siberian International Marathon, Omsk, 1996

At the berth, Omsk, 1994

Wholesale market, Omsk, 1998

Nizhniy Tagil, 1995.

Memorial complex “Cranes”, Saratov, 1995.

Teachers of Dudinka join the all-Russian protest action, 1998.

Terrorist attack in Volgodonsk, 1999.

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  1. uaz-man says:

    I remember the Irkutsk plane crash in 1997. I was watching TV-news in my home country, Finland, and I see the huge aeroplane tail. Same view as pictures above. Back then, 80s and 90s, only news from Soviet Union/Russian was big accidents, military parades, and leader funerals.

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