2 Notre Dame Tragedy: Let Russian Specialists Help!

Notre Dame Tragedy: Let Russian Specialists Help!

Posted on April 22, 2019 by team

The tragedy of Notre Dame Cathedral allowed nobody to stay indifferent. The Russian Ministry of Culture advanced a fundraising initiative for the damaged cathedral and the best Russian restorers. But you may already know how historic buildings are restored in Russia… And the problem is not in the lack of good restorers, Russia has a lot of specialists. Russia does not have good customers who would not interfere in the matters they are not knowledgeable in.

So what could happen with Notre Dame if Russian customers applied their own methods of restoration? Let’s check it out.

“Sberbank” specialists are there to help the French people out! Faster and cheaper they could even imagine! And why not open an office of the bank right there?

The Russian Railways also have a professional team of restorers. They have already renovated so many stations!

What about the Russian Orthodox Church? Maybe it’s more appropriate for the cathedral?

But let’s face the truth. The land in the center of Paris is very expensive. The cathedral is severely damaged. Maybe it’s better to demolish the old object and erect a nice new high-rise building in its place?

Or a trading center maybe? Like it’s done in many provincial towns of Russia now?

via varlamov.ru

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2 responses to “Notre Dame Tragedy: Let Russian Specialists Help!”

  1. Douglas says:

    Great ideas…..the Potemkin Village is still a viable solution. .! It’ll now live forever.

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