10 Beautiful Afro Russian Love: Jacob And Natasha

Beautiful Afro Russian Love: Jacob And Natasha

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Life of Natasha is a like a movie story. She met a dark-skinned guy in her native Izhevsk, Russia. They didn’t communicate too much but met again four years after in a company of friends. Soon Natasha and Jacob realized they could not imagine their further life without each other. 


Quite soon they got married in a church and went to the homeland of Jacob. Now Natasha lives in Nigeria and tells subscribers about her life in a blog. According to her, this country is not so poor and terrible, it’s not in a war or devastation, but rather nice and with good people.


They met when they were first year university students, but didn’t pay much attention to each other. All talks were about their studies. But four years after they met again and talked for several hours about everything in the world. Natasha was impressed by Jacob, he turned out to be a real gentleman and a very smart guy. Her friend, listening about Jacob from Natasha, noticed with a smile that the girl fell in love with a foreign guy.


Their story developed rapidly and could not be hidden from parents’ eyes. When Jacob’s mother found out that her son was so much in love, she went to the cold country to estimate his choice. And soon she simply asked “Why aren’t you still married?”


In the beginning the parents of Natasha didn’t think that Jacob suited their daughter just fine. They hoped she would sow her wild oats and break up with Jacob. But it never happened, so their hearts finally melted. Natasha was really nervous when brought Jacob to introduce him to her parents. But he didn’t screw up. He paid compliments to the dishes of mom and talked a lot with dad as he was his old friend.


Her family liked Jacob and accepted her choice. But the couple had to be apart for long nine months due to bureaucratic acrimony. Natasha was afraid to make such a serious step but finally decided to go to Nigeria to be with Jacob. He had less good perspectives in Russia, even with a good education. But in Nigeria his future could be bright.


Now the couple have a son – Jago-Max. They followed the Nigerian tradition and gave the boy a double name (local + americanized).




Jago is an active, smart and independent child. Children in Nigeria begin to attend kindergartens being little babies, at the age of two they already can read, wash up and go shopping.





Long after the wedding Natasha found out that her hubby was a blue blooded man. His father and granddad were local leaders, advisors of the chief. And his maternal grandfather was a royal person who escaped the country due to the political coup.


Ring of the groom is shaped as Russia, bride’s one – as Nigeria.


Look at these happy faces! True love destroys any borders!

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  1. Paul Grange says:

    Seems th at moronic Russians also want to be obliterated from the Earth.

  2. Jd says:

    Happy looking family

  3. Lumpy Gravy says:

    What a nice and happy looking couple! I wish Natasha, Jacob and their little boy all the best and I do hope, they will never encounter any of the mentally retarded, racist arseholes who squirt their bile and hatred here on ER.

  4. Alper says:

    This guy is lucky and I wish them good luck. Russian women are actually very racist.

  5. Douglas says:

    These photos help to reveal that Obama did not have a white bio mother. His mother was Indonesian, He looks Indonesian.

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    Linda historia, felicidades ao casal.

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    leftist show his baboon

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