2 The Coldest Place on Earth If You Crave For Some Exotica

The Coldest Place on Earth If You Crave For Some Exotica

Posted on March 16, 2019 by team


The coldest inhabited place on Earth! Oymyakon! According to Russian school geography books the temperature in Oymyakon, Yakutia, once dropped to -71,2C, but it was never officially registered. Though the temperature of -67,7 was actually registered but in a neighboring village Tomtor where an airport is situated. Besides, Oymyakon has a competitior for the status of the coldest place in the North hemisphere – Verkhoyansk where allegedly in 1885 the temperatures dropped to -67,8C. But how accurate those data could be? Oymyakon as the capital of cold still has many suppoters.

Those figures are not so important, just believe it’s cold as hell even in spring. Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov has been there in March and his thermometer showed -53C.

Temperature contrast in Oymyakon is amazing – it can be -50 at night and -30 in daytime under the sun!


It is problematic to get to Oymyakon. Long and expensive. Some people drive their From Yakutsk (928 km) or from Magadan (1008 km). The closest airport is in Ust-Nara, 11 hours of driving from Oymyakon. It’s a luck to catch a chatered flight, though aircrafts of “Polar airlines” do fly from Magan airport there.


Czechoslovakian L-410 (made in Russia since 2018, by the way), 2 hours, 45000 rubles (about 700 dollars) for two-way ticket.


Only eight passengers aboard this time.


Bringing fruits and veggies to the cold land.


An-2 aircrafts in airport Tomtora, the nearest one to Oymyakon. Though they do not fly in winter.


Such biplanes may transport up to twelve passengers in warm time.



And now imagine, there are no any structures, services, buildings for passengers here, in Tomtor. No check-ups, no registration. If nobody meets you, be ready to get frozen to death.


Tomtor airport not far from Oymyakon appeared in 1942 when Russia and the USA made a contract. Americans sent fighters and bombers, transferred from Alaska, to the USSR, so an airport in Tomtor was quickly built to accept them.


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2 Responses to “The Coldest Place on Earth If You Crave For Some Exotica”

  1. Rex says:

    Why would you want this place to be ruined by tourists and end up crowded, dirty and polluted like most tourist spots?

    • kwhunter says:

      because they need the money! and because people want adventures. I’ve seen German, Swiss and French licenced vans and RVs in Alaska and the Yukon, Canada; they spend big time to get to the open spaces from their crowded spots in Europe. However, I very much dougt it they will ever go to Yakutia, Russia…

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