7 Cars That Stuck on Baikal Lake Ice [25 photos]

Cars That Stuck on Baikal Lake Ice [25 photos]

Posted on February 20, 2019 by tim

Russian Baikal lake is big. It is called to be the deepest lake in Europe – also most clean source of drinking water in the whole Eurasia region. Many come there for fishing – winter is not exclusion – people come for winter fishing. Many think the ice is thick and go on the ice with cars. This is pretty bad decision as the local police service published tens of photos of cars that go down the Baikal ice. Here are a few:


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7 Responses to “Cars That Stuck on Baikal Lake Ice [25 photos]”

  1. Michie says:

    I agree with the last comment : this is BAD for Baikal fishes

  2. hahaha says:

    Baikal is not in Europe, you morons :)

  3. Horse says:

    I have heard stories that there are trains in the lake as well.

  4. RB says:

    Tell us do they fix these cars or are they just trying to keep the lake clean, or maybe both?

  5. Good says:

    1997 Lada Niva, Mint Condition, Lady Driven, Low Kms, Winter Stored,Never been at the bottom of a Lake.

  6. Vlaszacs Roland says:

    It is called to be the deepest lake in Europe ???? Please

  7. никто says:

    CLEANEST WATER IN EURASIA?? Is that just something you guys have been repeating so long that you’ll always believe it? Bu11$#!+ just look at all the garbage in there. Or maybe it IS the cleanest water in Eurasia and I’m lucky I don’t live there.

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