8 30 Years Since Soviet Army Left Afghanistan [60 photos]

30 Years Since Soviet Army Left Afghanistan [60 photos]

Posted on February 18, 2019 by tim

This February it is 30 years since Soviet Union withdrawed their forces from Afghanistan after almost 10 year military presence and engaging in active war in this country. Many Russian soldiers died there, many were wounded, and many still to this day meet in February to remember their friends and their life in this Southern place. Here are some photos to remember how it all was back then.

Kabul – capital of Afghanistan, Russia supplied them with electric trolleybuses in 1979.

Kabul, Soviet army blocked traffic in 1980.

Soviet mortar squad changing position.

Afghan citizens flee from war across the mountains.

Soviet crashed Mi-8 helicopter and mujahideens – opposing Islam force in Afghanistan.

Soviet soldiers captured by mujahideen. 1981

Soviet supply train going to Afghanistan from USSR.

Soviet forces in Afghanistan


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8 Responses to “30 Years Since Soviet Army Left Afghanistan [60 photos]”

  1. Satan says:

    Massoud died on Sept 10, 2001.

  2. ericv says:

    the price of a stinger is currently ‘only’ 38000$, not 1 million . a cruise missile used to cost 1 million $, before ‘improvements’ . Цена ракеты Stinger на данный момент составляет «всего» 38000 долларов, а не 1 миллион. Крылатая ракета раньше стоила 1 миллион долларов, до «улучшения».

  3. Benjamin Rosenzweig says:

    One of those countries which was bombed back into stone age by US imperialism after the people there voted for a socialist government. Few people understand that this was never an act of sovjet imperialism due to the typical rewriting of history. Instead the sovjet forces came because the socialist government asked for help against the radicalised taliban already financed by the US. It is fairly easy to find radical groups in every country ready to be activated…

  4. Good says:

    The Russian People helped these Muslims with Infrastructure and These Afghans said screw you to the Russians and now they’re getting Murdered by U.S Drug addicted Soldiers. Funny how Karma works.

  5. Tutan Camon says:

    Russian weapons used against russian troops…..

  6. Ras_al_Ghul says:

    Sorry, that trolleybus is definitely not Soviet. It is Škoda 9Tr, made in Czechoslovakia :)

  7. Richard S says:

    America should have stayed out of it. The outcome would have likely been more peaceful.

  8. Sinecode says:

    Afghanistan will never be a peaceful or friendly country. I know a lot of people who served there during military missions and everybody claims that it is one big Islamic wilderness. Perhaps the Soviets did not have good intentions, but tried to civilize everything, give them the opportunity to develop. They built roads, schools, hospitals, houses. And what happened next? The Americans and the company came only for the resources of rare minerals, and when they took what they wanted, they fled home, leaving Afghanistan to themselves. And today it is the source of many problems – terrorists, drug production, asylum for bandits from around the world. If someone plans to invade the country again, at least this time should eliminate the Taliban to zero. Though radical Islam is perhaps a worse problem.

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