1 English Russia Daily Pictures [14 photos]

English Russia Daily Pictures [14 photos]

Posted on January 30, 2019 by tim


New part of our website daily pictures we find online and posting here.

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T-50-1 (Su-57) in its first flight a few years ago

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now that’s what you call a freeze frame.

 DyHG8uPXcAEVady.jpg large
Mystical St.Petersburg
Russia Today chief editor told a story today: “I was standing on a light, in a car, some man showed me to open window, I opened thinking maybe something wrong with my car, and then he spitted right in my face”
DyGyVkTW0AAM56y.jpg large
“Go to sleep!” “Sure, let me just have one slice of kolbasa”
Souvenir in Russia
Remember, Komrad
This electrician pretty good
Sad picture from St.Petersburg suburbs:
Russian squirrel got unusual home

Russian guard reacts to a foreign person

It is sort of funny


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  1. Rob says:

    Love the last video about that sleepy guardsman waking suddenly up:)

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