0 Soviet Postcards: Novorossiysk [16 photos]

Soviet Postcards: Novorossiysk [16 photos]

Posted on January 28, 2019 by tim

Another set of Soviet Postcards – now from the city Novorossiysk. Starting with a stone sculpture devoted to Revolution Sailors.

And another monument devoted now to the WW2 sailors.

Monument is called “Line of defense 1942″

A WW2 plane installed to commemorate heroes pilots

A monument for WW2 soldiers

Novorosiysk is “Hero-City” – in Russia cities called like this who never got captured during War.

A monument called “The Unconquered”

“Novorosiysk cinema”

A bay of Novorossiysk (it stands on the Black Sea)

“A well that was a well of life for people during our siege”


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