2 Hunter: Newest Russian Heavy Drone [5 photos]

Hunter: Newest Russian Heavy Drone [5 photos]

Posted on January 24, 2019 by tim


Russian blogs today are posting photos of the newest drone Russian army has received. It was named with word “Okhotnik” which is basically “hunter”. Seems to look a little similar to American X-47B. Here some photos – thing is nice:



Looking really pretty sleek.



Here is another photo here.








Interesting enough that newest Russian jets called PAK-FA or their new name SU-57 having something like “Okhotnik” painted on their bottoms. That’s a sort of spoiler there.

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2 responses to “Hunter: Newest Russian Heavy Drone [5 photos]”

  1. Horse says:

    Very nice looking. Looks like it probably has at least some stealth capabilities. Wonder what it’s range is, and if it can be in air refueled?

  2. Mike says:

    Not stealthy, that huge engine tail pipe is a dead giveaway. 20 years behind in stealth technology.

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