1 A Museum of Permafrost [44 photos]

A Museum of Permafrost [44 photos]

Posted on January 17, 2019 by tim

Russian town of Igarka has museum that is fun – it’s museum of the coldest thing that being in museum – a museum is devoted to the Russian permafrost. It’s inside of Polar circle in the zone of permafrost.  It has started in the thirties as a scientific lab. And in sixties it was turned into museum but however scientific work is still there till this day.

“A Museum of Permafrost”

From the outside it’s small just because all of the stuff is located under ground.

On the ground in small house there is things about this land.

How long the polar day and the polar night are here.

Back in year 2002 they received a certificate from the Europe Museum Forum recognizing them as awesome.

Also there another house that is also a museum

Dedicated to the victims of Gulag who were building railway here.

There they have the daily items of the prisoners displayed.

Name of prisoner on tablet.


This was dish of people serving their term and example of the letter they could send back to the home. And the furniture authentic from that times

Here are more authentic pieces from Gulag.

“Things that have been found in prisons”

And the map of a railroad that the prisoners were building.

Table with names of people serving

Pack of pencils from that times

Those weer self made playing cards prisoners are used to play

And now the thing that we wanted to see here – a museum of permafrost that is fully underground – this is map of the museum and its gallery in ground.

This is how its looking there – it is all is permafrost.

And the temperature is always at around -5C


You don’t need here refrigerator to keep temperature like this – it is keeping at this level just by natural result.

Most expositions at a level -7meter underground. And example of different ice that is older than the humans.

This ice piece is for example over 50,000 years!

Here is a piece of petrified trees that found in the ice.

You can go even deeper for the point of -10 meters

Here you see the clay deposits and a very old old ice (you can see it in a black).

Ice deposits have been proved to be very very old – the approximate their age is from 50,000 years to the 90,000 years. And its over 60 meters going down beneath the ground.


Sometimes you even can see flowers are saved in ice

Also special New Year cave.

When they made one of the mines here they have found relict trees – those are larches that  is said to be 49,000 years old and you can touch them with hands.

Some of corridors restricted from the visitors right now – there are still investigation and the science going here.

If you someday go to Russia it might be a place to go.



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