1 A Museum of Permafrost [44 photos]

A Museum of Permafrost [44 photos]

Posted on January 17, 2019 by tim

Russian town of Igarka has museum that is fun – it’s museum of the coldest thing that being in museum – a museum is devoted to the Russian permafrost. It’s inside of Polar circle in the zone of permafrost.  It has started in the thirties as a scientific lab. And in sixties it was turned into museum but however scientific work is still there till this day.

“A Museum of Permafrost”

From the outside it’s small just because all of the stuff is located under ground.

On the ground in small house there is things about this land.

How long the polar day and the polar night are here.

Back in year 2002 they received a certificate from the Europe Museum Forum recognizing them as awesome.

Also there another house that is also a museum

Dedicated to the victims of Gulag who were building railway here.

There they have the daily items of the prisoners displayed.

Name of prisoner on tablet.


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    Any Aliens found in the ice yet?

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