1 Some Examples of Soviet Ads [24 photos]

Some Examples of Soviet Ads [24 photos]

Posted on January 14, 2019 by tim

Some examples of Soviet ads from the times where Soviet people only had the Soviet goods. Well in general those ads had a different purpose back then. They were not trying to compete with each other, but rather educate – telling people about new products Soviets industries are making.

“Soviet Champagne – best grape wine”

“Nylon stockings – nice looking, durable, hygienic”

“Smoke Aurora cigarettes”

“Take some pleasure trips away from city in day time and in night time. All ships have radio. Bars are open. “

“Uzbekistan stories. Buy the books written by Uzbekistan authors”.

“Poppy flowers: perfume and cologne”

“Rain you don’t have chance on me, I won’t come out of the home without rubber shoes”

“Drink beer from beer factories Main-Beer”

“Canned crabs, you can cook a lot of tasty foods from canned crabs”


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  1. satto says:

    force yourself to eat caviar. that is a powerfull message.
    sausage add should have it since Russians know nothing about sausage and till this day they produce worse sausage ever. thats a soviet union heritage i guess

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