4 Regarding Tanks that Come from Laos..

Regarding Tanks that Come from Laos..

Posted on January 14, 2019 by tim



If you remember couple days ago we had posting here about old Soviet T-34 tanks coming back from Laos country. A whole train load of tanks over 30 to be exact. Now they stop in every town and conduct a patriotic meeting:

Here is a video to watch:

Playing anthem, praising tanks. However some tank experts saying those are not Soviet tanks and they didn’t for sure participate in any war:

Screenshot at Jan 14 10-59-37


“The point is that those tanks are not Soviet made. A few characteristics you can see on those tanks allow us to say that those tanks are Czech made T-34-85s. They were made in Czech factory in Martin (now it’s Slovakia). Smooth iron casting of the towers, twin headlights etc – all this missing from Soviet original T-34. Also from behind you can see a tailpipe different from original tank.”

So it might be not so sacred in terms those tanks are later replicas and don’t deserve the hum they get.

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4 Responses to “Regarding Tanks that Come from Laos..”

  1. RB says:

    hey I saw a tank and I had just had to take a peek. I wonder if its possible to make some kind of traction for side slipping? I mean for when they are on the trailers.Its just no fun watching a tank slide off upside down like a turtle. lol

  2. Horse says:

    They may not be original Soviet tanks, but what is still important is what they represent, not so much what they are.


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