4 Making Barbecue Stove from a Propane Cylinder [24 photos]

Making Barbecue Stove from a Propane Cylinder [24 photos]

Posted on January 13, 2019 by tim

This man has bought a gas cylinder with one purpose – to make a grill from it. Here is his result and process:


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4 Responses to “Making Barbecue Stove from a Propane Cylinder [24 photos]”

  1. Douglas says:

    Very sturdy BBQ. Those Shish Kabobs? YA khochu odin seychas…I want one now.!!!

    • Ben says:

      Russians call those kebabs “shashlik”. Most people who spend any time in Russia quickly get acquainted with these, since cooking shashlik is one of their favourite past times (a bit like an outdoor “braai” is pretty much our national past time here in South Africa). In my various visits to Russia I think I have been on shashlik cookouts in every season of the year – including the middle of winter in the middle of a forest with temperatures far below zero. You can usually also buy shashlik in most restaurants that serve Russian food and sometimes from outdoor market stalls.

  2. unclemymy says:

    Makers of the World, unite! (and eat shishkebab)

  3. Douglas says:

    Yes Ben…..I have seen markets in russia and they are loaded with items for picnic BBQ. Many kinds of skewers and all.. Russians like those square corner type BBQs.

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