2 Grand Canyon? No! Charyn Canyon in Kazakstan [30 photos]

Grand Canyon? No! Charyn Canyon in Kazakstan [30 photos]

Posted on January 13, 2019 by tim


Yes this place in Kazakstan is looking very similar to American Grand Canyon. They even call it “Kazakstan Grand Canyon” and here are some photos from this place.


They made a national park from it since 2004. It is located close to the Kazakh-Chinese border.

This is a route to place from Kazakhstan capital Alma-Aty.


Thousands of tourists arrive here each year probably because it’s looking so much like Grand Canyon but on a budget for European tourist.

This is a road leading to the place

The surroundings are wild

Close to the canyon tourists have to pay 600 tenge local currency which is just $2.

And then you see the canyon:

The river Charyn is floating here for 400 km .


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2 Responses to “Grand Canyon? No! Charyn Canyon in Kazakstan [30 photos]”

  1. Benjamin Morgentau says:

    …does it have to look like some US natural wonder? It has it’s own very unique look…

  2. Konkord says:

    Fantastic place to travel. thanks.

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