3 31 Most Unusual Things that Have Putin on Them [31 photos]

31 Most Unusual Things that Have Putin on Them [31 photos]

Posted on January 7, 2019 by tim


Here is a collection of the things with Putin that you can (or could) buy in Russia (or abroad) for the past couple years. Some of them a straight weird like those Putin-Medvedev bikinis. Here are some more:

2. Putin T-shirts


Of course those are sort of pretty logical to sell – and they are selling very well as shop owners say.

We even gathered some links that you can order those if you are a fan, here are couple styles:

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-46-37

This one is $6.99 here

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-47-17

And this one is around $10 here

But if you want something on the weirder side, then here are some really weird Putin t-shirts:

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-47-47

Like this – Putin riding monster Trump horse (what?) the price is $11 here

Or Putin like a semi naked (again) with criminal tattoos (semi-Russian semi American):

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-49-54

Price is $11 also here

Want some more? Ok here is more:


“Ras Putin” t-shirt for $11 here

If you play Counter Strike a lot then this might be an option too:

Screenshot at Jan 07 15-50-22

The price is $12 here


Screenshot at Jan 07 15-50-30

“Make Everything Great Again” t-shirt for $12 here

Ok enough with t-shirts! Let’s see what else you can buy with Putin


Caviar luxury custom made iPhones for price tag over a few times more expensive than original iphone.


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  1. frank says:

    I think the Bikini top is the best place, after all he is a bit of a tit.

  2. kolrun says:

    Which is more productised, star Wars or Putin?

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