7 Soviet Mobile Power Station that Was Using Jet Engines [wow]

Soviet Mobile Power Station that Was Using Jet Engines [wow]

Posted on January 6, 2019 by tim

This is Soviet generator that is using jet engine and it’s fuel is jet fuel. It is having to jet engines AI-20, and two generators which can give 2.5 Megawatts. Here is how it looks inside:

It is built in railroad car. When there is emergence happens they could transfer it by railroad to the any distant town or in middle of nowhere.

In 1988 when Odessa city was flooded because of strong winds from the sea and the electric lines were down they have sent one of those to feed the power to Odessa port, Odessa fish factory. People still remember sound – like a full speed airplane roaring but on the ground.  And consumed 30 tons of jet fuel daily. But emergency was solved.

This is jet engine inside the station.

Once the people can remember the jet engine was torn away from the train because of power it produced – the holding structures couldn’t hold it and it went away.

“Energetic train, turbo car”, yes the engines use turbines.

And those are generators that the jet engines rotate.

Soviet times there was an Earthquake in Armenia in 80s and that time they also needed such impressive piece of tech.

Nowadays those abandoned. Maybe any bitcoin miner would find it somehow useful?

Joking, jet fuel isn’t cheap.

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7 responses to “Soviet Mobile Power Station that Was Using Jet Engines [wow]”

  1. RB says:

    what happens when people see these pictures? I remember in ER from years ago they had a lot of beautiful stuff. Then after people went there to steal the copper and destroy everything. People made comments about how sad it was because the stuff was ok for many years until you-tube.
    That generator belongs in a safe place, if that baby was in the US they would have spent a few million to keep running and in a Museum.
    I hope it is not destroyed by someone for a few dollars of copper. ty RT for posting this.

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