9 Russian Winter Fishing Reinvented

Russian Winter Fishing Reinvented

Posted on December 24, 2018 by tim

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Russian winter fishing in the middle of the frozen river Kama (night time), that’s really an awesome set up they got there.

And here is a video:

Would you liked to try going fishing in set up like this?



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9 Responses to “Russian Winter Fishing Reinvented”

  1. MattNSW says:

    Smart guys. Any fool can be cold and uncomfortable!

  2. Rustynailer says:

    Love it.
    From now on we know Russians are the posh fishermen.
    Definatly changed my attitude to winter fishing.
    happy Christmass to all on this great site.

  3. superkuh says:

    Is this supposed to be notable? Nice ice fishing houses are common in the USA and Canada. I suppose it’s good they’re finally catching on in Russia too.

  4. tom bauer says:

    expecting small fish?

  5. pale says:

    What for do they need rubber boots setting in such a cosy room:)

    • andrade says:

      Good question…

    • Chris says:

      They might have things called ‘tip ups’ outside. Basically a disk with sitting over an open hole with fishing line attached to a spring. When the fish takes the bait, it pulls on the line which releases spring and the flag pops up. Just keep an eye out the window.

  6. andrade says:

    What if they catch a bigger fish?!

  7. RB says:

    Hey guys you want to have fun ice fishing? How about a rocket from SpaceX to come and land over hole made from engine fire. Then a cable drops down with a small cow for bait, one minute latter a fish the size of a small house grabs on. The rocket fires the engines and goes back to Florida dropping the cooked fish on the beach? Anyone with me? lol

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