9 People Answering on Just one Question

People Answering on Just one Question

Posted on December 24, 2018 by tim

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He is asking just one question: “Do you want to become happy?”. The result is pretty weird:

(here is video to watch)

Will the people in your town be the same or they will think before answering like this?

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9 Responses to “People Answering on Just one Question”

  1. ARIF says:

    All these people probably thought he was trying to sell them something. I would have been the same. However, when the politsiya said da, that cracked me up. :D

  2. Ron says:

    Well, I think the situation is sort of implied that the person is offering something, and since he’s a stranger the answer is “No (I don’t want to buy anything)”.

  3. Douglas says:

    Most all Russians are very wary of people in public.

  4. Tali Bann says:

    If he offered a shot of vodka along with the question then he would have had people passed out at his feet.

  5. Arnold Jackson says:

    They don’t want to say yes because they are afraid that it is a government plot to find dissidents.

  6. Bruno says:

    Maybe they don’t want other people to know they’re not happy :(

  7. adicontakt says:

    peoples are afraid to talk when they see a camera ,thanks to putin

  8. Douglas says:

    People are very afraid of people in public. Russia loaded with scammers. Last summer my friend hired and paid for a cameraman to video a birthday party. The guy came to the party , took photos and then disappeared. My friend got no photos, no film….nothing. Russia is a jungle.

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