3 City Suburbs Don’t Look Nice

City Suburbs Don’t Look Nice

Posted on December 14, 2018 by tim

Every country in the world has some not nice looking suburbs (maybe with exception to some states like Monaco etc). Here is such selection here from photographers who like noting dull sides of the life.


“Non stationary culture center”

“Staliningrad” SALE RENT

“Missis Cigarette, Mister Alcohol, Comrade Drugs”

“Cheerful Street”


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3 Responses to “City Suburbs Don’t Look Nice”

  1. Kaptan Kvass says:

    “Tоварищ Hаркотик” sounds like the perfect stage name.

  2. Overactive Dosimeter says:

    Don’t look nice? Image 1 looks like my dream house!

    Some more info that I’ve found on it:

    Pulled down in 2008 unfortunately. Damn authorities.

  3. Mike Rubio says:

    @Overactive Dosimeter

    True, it looks like a piece of art.

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