3 Moscow in the 1990s

Moscow in the 1990s

Posted on November 29, 2018 by tim

A collection of the photos from the Moscow in the nineties. It’s a total different city from a Moscow nowadays.

Yeltsin was a tennis player

A demolished church restored

Street of Moscow different now

They demolished church in twenties now have built it from the scratch

“An arcade” and kids around

Mainly Soviet cars prevailing even though its 1996.

Hard to comment on this photo

Yupi was a Kool-Aid.


“Meet with London” ad has fallen

Yeltsin with Nemtsov (both dead now)

Bmw series five was a favorite gangster car

This vladimir zhirinovsky russian sort of joker figure also he is a duma vice speaker something sort like this he staying in politics since 1990s

A Buran that was installed somewhere in VDNH expo

Yeltsin going to McDonalds

Putin with mayor Luzhkov

Street sellers were booming


People of the fallen Ponzi scheme trying to get founder free as he promised them to pay

Michael Jackson and Mayor Luzhkov

General, a politician (on the left) he is also dead

Harry Moore in Kremlin

“Video salon” were places sort of little pirate shows of the Western VCRs

Markets selling cheaper stuff

“Yeltsin is a jackal”


Dandy was Nintendo clone had those cartridges with games



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3 responses to “Moscow in the 1990s”

  1. andrada says:

    Yeltsin the patriarch…; Yeltsin and his cronies…

  2. andrada says:

    General, a politician… he’s name is, or was, Aleksandr Lebed

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