9 Restoring Old Ikarus Soviet Era Public Bus

Restoring Old Ikarus Soviet Era Public Bus

Posted on November 19, 2018 by tim

This one older Soviet era bus was on route since ’72. Later was discarded and was used as a barn. Now the enthusiasts have found it and decided to restore.


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9 Responses to “Restoring Old Ikarus Soviet Era Public Bus”

  1. Tshuhna says:

    If I remember right Ikarus was hungarian bus.

    • Tutan Camon says:

      Yes hungarian bus,but under licence.

      • Alexander Pistoletov says:

        That was the Serbian (Yugoslavian) one, Ikarus-Zemun, which changed the name to Ikarbus to tell the difference from the Hungarian manufacturer. Those buses were manufactured under the license of MAN (IK-5, IK-6), Berliet (IK-160, etc.), and even Ikarus (IK-107 = Ikarus 405).

  2. bandit says:

    Wonderful work!
    Greetings from hungary!
    Ikarus was the pride of hungary.
    The nickname of this series was “faros” It’s hard to translate but more or less “big ass”. It was a rare sight even in my childhood in the 80’s at hungary. Not many left, most of them met their fate in the foundry.

  3. Leigh says:

    I like the preservation of history, Buses, trains, cars, motor bikes, history is to be touched and smelled. you cannot explain a sound, or a smell of something to a young person, and this is the best way to teach these things.

  4. Lexes says:

    Originally the bus (and the blue one on the last picture) was made in Hungary.

  5. Bulldog says:

    Great job! Thanks! Greetings from Hungary!

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