2 A Soviet Postcard Devoted to Tsars Palace in Crimea

A Soviet Postcard Devoted to Tsars Palace in Crimea

Posted on November 15, 2018 by tim

Alupka was a place in South Crimea where Russian Tsars have spent their winter days in comfort of a more mild Southern climate enjoying weather in Crimea, sea and breeze. For purposes like this they built a palace, and then in Soviet times it was “musei” – or if you wish “museum” as we speak. And since that times there some postcards survived and we can see the beauty of the kings.

This was the set of the postcards in question: “Alupka Palace-Museum Interriors”

This dinner table has the views of Rome.

A library for Tsars

This was called a “Blue Dining Room”

A portrait of the Dutchess

And husband with the kids is posing still

A table decoration in a billiard room

A portrait of the Queen Ekaterina

A Winter Garden for the kings to rest.

A Carpet with a Shakh Fatkh Ali.

A Stone watch with figures of Moscow saviors and the Tsar chair


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  1. Douglas says:

    No complaint but this is how Vladimir Putin lives. His mansion is luxury beyond belief.

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